Winter 2018

Greetings from the music classes!

Our return from February Break has brought our focus in the younger grades to the element of TEXTURE.  In music, texture refers to voices: how many there are and how they interact with one another.  The students created group compositions based upon letters of the alphabet (which was a fabulous rhythm reading review at the same time) and experimented with creating visualizations of music that they heard.

We used a graphic created by the composer and software engineer, Stephen Malinowski, to guide our experiment.  While there are many of his videos to explore on YouTube, here is a link to the clip we used in class:

Bach: "Little Fugue" in g minor for organ

In addition, the 3-4 class is making good progress on their "Recorder Apprentice" adventure...The students are building ensemble-playing skills while they teach their hands how to read the music that their eyes are seeing.  Did you know that playing an instrument activates the greatest amount of brain matter simultaneously?

The older grades are knee-deep in their band explorations.  Both ensembles focused on learning to tune their instruments this week and are demonstrating success in their reading skills as they apply to the instruments, some of which are brand new to these players!  Reminder: practice at home is part of the experience...please encourage your child to share what we are working on!

Ms. McIvor