Important Class Documents


The Ten Goodly Guidelines for Greatness

Be respectful: Treat others the way you would want them to treat you.

Be kind: Act with fairness and respect.

Be safe: Follow general school rules and practice healthy habits.

Cooperate: Show hard work ethic and work nicely with others.

Come in with a positive attitude.

Be prepared to participate in class.

Respectfully raise your hand when you participate.

Be aware of distracting behaviors: Attempt to keep them in check.

Be aware of yourself (where you are / who you are with) and consider the consequences of your words and actions.

 Use positive language.

Homework Expectations

  • Work is NEAT - done on clean, lined paper; not crumpled or drawn on
  • Work is LEGIBLE - written so I can easily read your writing; handwriting is appropriate size
  • Work is your BEST EFFORT - done to the best of your ability; doesn’t look like it was done on the bus; thoughtful responses
  • Work is ON TIME - passed in on the day and in the class it is due
  • Should homework not meet with these expectations, I will hand your homework back to you and ask you to do it over that night in addition to any new homework given. Should neatness, legibility, and effort become an ongoing problem, Academic Study slips may be issued.


Grading Scale:

A: 10-9

B: 8-7

C: 6

F: 5-Below


  • Contains several (at least 2) supporting details from the text
  • Makes inferences using details from the piece when appropriate
  • Makes at least one personal connection or connection to another story
  • Demonstrates an understanding of / an attempt to understand the reading by answering / asking questions about the text in detail
  • Demonstrates deeper thinking about the text - does not simply summarize
  • Reflects best effort despite any confusion from text
  • Show thought and focus - entries don’t jump around from point to point without explaining each idea
  • Is edited for basic paragraph and sentence structure, as well as basic capitalization
  • Is neat and legible - writing is an appropriate size
  • Is at least one full page

Reading for Trimester #2: Grade 5/8

This trimester you will be expected to read three books, each from a different genre. This trimester’s genre study will focus around fantasy, science-fiction, and realistic fiction. Each week, you will pass in two journal entries that correspond to your reading. Journal entries are not meant to be painful or busywork; they are intended to help you think about what you are reading, make connections, and process the ideas presented in the books you read. 

Trimester #2 Book Talk: Please write down titles / take notes on plots of books you think may interest you as they are discussed in class. You may also make note of any books you think may fit these categories that are not mentioned in the talk. Please be sure to choose a book that will be a reasonable fit for your reading level.

Fantasy                                      Science-Fiction                            Realistic Fiction

Rubric for Boat Shop Journal Entries and Questions

Questions: _______ out of 5 

  1. Questions are answered in complete sentences, incorporating the question into the answer. 
  2. Questions are answered thoroughly, incorporating the vocabulary from the week’s lesson into the answers.
  3. Answers are free from spelling errors.
  4. Answers reflect thoughtfulness and effort.
  5. Answers have been edited for proper grammar, usage, and mechanics (see editing checklist).

Journals: ________ out of 5

  1. Journal questions are responded to in complete sentences, incorporating the question into the answer.
  2. Journal entries are thorough and thoughtful reflections of the day’s work.
  3. Entries are free from spelling errors. 
  4. Answers make an effort to explain how the skills used at MMM will benefit you in other areas of life.
  5. Answers have been edited for proper grammar, usage, and mechanics (see editing checklist).

***Tuesday mornings will be working breakfast / homeroom days. This means that when you come in for school, you should be prepared to share your questions and journals with your editing cohort. You will use the fifteen minutes of breakfast / homeroom to work through difficult questions, peer edit each other’s work, and make any additions necessary before sending the assignments off to Kurt. You will have until 12 PM Tuesday to make any necessary changes and send in your work. If your work is not sent on time to Kurt, Mrs. Day, and Miss DeAngelis, it will result in an Academic Study slip. Also, you will not be allowed to participate at the boat shop that Friday. ***