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Our classroom is a peanut-free zone! Kindly ensure that snacks / lunches are peanut-free, and that hands are washed after any peanut-y breakfasts. Thank you for helping to keep our students safe!

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On our field trip to Pemaquid Point, students had the chance to spend time among the different types of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks that have formed Maine's coast for thousands of years. The class listened attentively as the DRA's Sarah Gladu explained how our the rocks beneath their feet have been weathered by water, wind, ice, and plants. They enjoyed a rock scavenger hunt, searching for different features and different types of rocks. Students had fun imagining the life story of a rock they found on their excursion.

On October 3, the class had the opportunity to visit the DRA for a Wabanaki Studies Program. Students played games that Wabanaki children have been playing for generations. Through games, crafts, and show and tell, we learned that play was, and is, meant to teach important life lessons. Students also had the chance to throw a spear using an adl-adl and help build emergency shelters in the woods. Here are some moments and lessons we learned:


Stealth and patience

Hand/eye coordination

Compassion and responsibility