5/9/14 SBS Newsletter

Principal - Scott A. White                                                                                                                               Secretary - Connie Kennedy
South Bristol School                                                                                                                                        Phone:  207-644-8177
2024 St. Rt. 129                                                                                                                                                 Fax:  207-644-8170
So. Bristol, ME 04568                                                                                                                                     Web: schools.aos93.org/sbs
Student Feature - Galen Daly O'Donnell 

Favorite meal - grilled cheese with bacon
Favorite book - The Shadow Throne 
Favorite tv show/movie - Benchwarmers
I like SBS because I get to see my friends, we have our own iPads, Circus Arts, outside snack and the games we play in Physical Education.
I wish I could perform telekinesis.
When I grow up I want to be an author or an entertainer!

Calendar for Next Week
 Mon 5/12 Daisies and Brownies, 2:45 Drama Club
 Tues 5/13 2:45 Yearbook Mtg, Staff Check-in
 Wed 5/14 Tech/Admin Mtg with Mary Callan
2:45 Standards-Based Staff Mtg
 Thu 5/15 7:15am Jump Rope Jamboree Pract.
2:30-3;30 Greenhouse Mtg
3:30 Staff Development Advisory Cmte
Grade 3/4 to Darling Center
 Fri 5/16 8th to MMM and DARE for 5/6
K Registration 9:00 - 10:00pm
7th grade to Darling Center
 * Monday 19th Unified Arts Show 6:00
Circus Arts Community Performance   
 Corey Blanc, Jarrett Gulden, Rohan Glendinning and Braxton Farrin show off their unicycling skills during the Circus Arts Show.

 Jarrett juggles giant balls!

 8th Graders Visit our Nation's Capital!

8th graders pose in front of the White House (L-R) Tahlia Mullen, Colleen Kaplinger, Cassidy Colby, David Barnum, Julie Dinsmore, Ayla Liss, Abby Brewer, Corey Blanc, Isabelle Gilbert.  Thanks to the fundraising efforts of countless people, this class was able to make a trip to Washington DC last week.  It was a wonderful time and will provide memories for our students which will last a lifetime!

 Picnic tables are pleasing to our pupils!

  These tables were made possible thanks to the generosity of our Boosters Club!  They are a wonderful addition to our playground area and should provide years of enjoyment for our children and visitors.  Thank you to all who help raise money on behalf of our school.

 Mr. Bigonia balances while tossing cigar boxes!