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Drones Take Flight at NCS!

Drones Take Flight

This winter and spring, the Center for Alternative Learning students have been attending ground 
and flight school (in their classroom).  They have been learning, flying and writing about Unmanned 
Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).   Look for information about the Kestral Club this spring where UAVs will be 
examined, flown, studied and enjoyed by other NCS students who would like to participate.  This 
video was made by "CalBop", a flying computer with an HD camera and flies autonomously via GPS 
satellites and an iPad.

Service Learning Projects

The Learning Trail

A big THANK YOU goes out to Mr. Hart, Apple Learning Specialist, for helping Jr. High students enhance their video skills!

             iPad Blogs to Watch

Mrs. Hassett is talking with Dr. Lindsey Carnes about her Be a Learner project. She has taken notes on multiple devices and wants to sync her information. Everyone has a learning curve!

What You Need to Know about Apple ID's

  • An Apple ID is an email address you use as a login with Apple to make purchases such as buying songs and downloading apps. 
  • Apple ID's can be set up without entering credit card information. Visit this web site for directions on how to create a free Apple ID.
  • An Apple ID can be created on My Apple ID web site.
  • You can change or reset your password by going to iforgot.apple.com.

Teacher Resources

MLTI Help Desk

The MLTI Help Desk is available to assist parents and students troubleshoot iPad issues from home.
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