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     Did you know you now can search NCS Library's entire circulation inventory online from anywhere using your own electronic device? It's true!
     Last year NCS updated its library software and now students, staff and parents are able to search the NCS database by book title, topic or author. Simply go to http://aos93.follettdestiny.com/ and search away!
Summer Reading
celebrated at NCS
     NOBLEBORO - Seventy students celebrated summer reading in the gym at NCS on Oct. 27.
    Children in grades 1-8 logged their summer reading and then reaped the rewards. Not only did they get to enjoy lots of good books, but pupils also were recognized during a fun afternoon of dancing, certificates, and "Book Bucks," which can be spent at the school book fair. The Book Bucks are generously donated by the NPTO.
    One special reader, Eloise in first grade, won a bicycle donated by the Alna-Anchor Masonic Lodge #43. She turned in pages of reading logs, which was unprecedented for a first-grader.
    Physical Education and Health teacher Michelle York organized two dance-themed games for the students. Principal Ann Hassett commended the students on all of their summer reading. The fun was followed by the presentation of certificates, Book Bucks and a sweet treat for all involved.
A new bike was awarded to the first-grader who read the most over the summer. The bike was donated by Alna-Anchor Masonic Lodge #43 and presented by Principal Hassett.
NCS students in grades 1-8 enjoyed fun activities in the gym, followed
by certificates and a sweet treat during the Summer Reading
Celebration on Oct. 27.
Kindergartners illustrate
Harold and the Purple Crayon
     Children in the NCS kindergarten classroom picked up their purple markers and tried their hand at illustrating the classic children's tale "Harold and the Purple Crayon."
     They drew picnic lunches, apple trees, sailboats, skyscrapers, policemen, porcupines and more. All of their artwork was inspired by the book by Crockett Johnson.

"The Professors" won it all!
NCS team wins LA's
Battle of the Books
     NEWCASTLE - A team of sixth-graders from NCS won the Battle of the Books trivia competition at Lincoln Academy on March 24.
     The five-student team, dubbed "The Professors," bested the competition with 55 total points. Seven other teams from AOS 93 competed, representing NCS, Great Salt Bay School, Bristol Consolidated School and Jefferson Village School.
     The winning team from NCS included Isobel Petersen, John Rice, Cheyenne Wadford, Dante Maskell and Alden Hunold. NCS had two other teams in the competition. The seventh-grade team from NCS, "The Bucket Squad," came in third place overall with 45 points. Team members were Paige Lafrenaye, William Sherrill, Olivia Stiles, Ivan Coffin and Ben Sawyer.
     The eighth-grade team from NCS, "The Lit Squad," landed fourth place overall with 37 total points. Members included Madison York, Katelin Tozier, Madison Vess and Tegan Gallagher. Absent was Emma Wriggins.
     Participating students read four books from four different genres in recent months, then wrote questions, and quizzed each other in preparation of the battle. The winning team won gift cards from Sherman's Maine Coast Book Shop in Damariscotta.
     All students received T-shirts and celebrated with a pizza party after the competition. LA library staff hosted the event and donated beverages and dessert. Pizza was donated by The Penalty Box and Hilltop Stop in Damariscotta and Newcastle Publick House.
"The Bucket Squad"
     BOOK BUDDIES...First-graders in Mrs. Henry's classroom share books they selected during library time.     

Caption Contest

Library Caption Contest
     The Library Caption Contest is back! You can enter this popular weekly contest by stopping by the library to see the photo of the week. You may then submit a caption electronically, using the form above, or simply write it on a Post-It note and stick it to the photo. It changes weekly and is located just inside the library door.
    Weekly winners are notified during the morning announcements. See Mrs. Harriman to collect your prize or to hear more details.

NCS library gets a Chance
     Each week, volunteer Chris Sprague of Nobleboro brings her dog Chance, a Stabyhoun, to school.
     For 90 minutes, Sprague sits on a comfy blanket with her dog, who is certified by Therapy Dogs International. They listen while students read picture books aloud. The children show pictures to Chance, and sometimes explain the meanings of words.
     "I always wanted to work with children, ever since I was young," said Sprague. After she read about therapy dogs being used with children through reading, she was intrigued.
     "I did a lot of research," she said, and she soon decided it would be a good fit for her and her furry friend, who adores children. She contacted NCS Principal Ann Hassett, and through a collaboration with the school library and classroom teachers, the new program was launched.
     Before they start each session, Sprague spreads out a special alphabet blanket, and then slips a red bandana with a therapy dog badge around the pup's neck.
     "For me, the amazing part is once you put on that red scarf, he knows he's working," Sprague said of her dog. "Once we start, he doesn't get up, he doesn't move. He is really there listening."
     A bond has developed between Chance and four second-graders and three third-graders, who have been reading to the dog weekly. The children greet Chance with smiles and pats, prompting a lot of tail wagging and an occasional lick on the cheek. The youngsters go on to read and then reward Chance with a dog treat for being such a good listener.
     "While they're reading they're giving him a pat or giving him a snuggle and showing him things and really including him in what they're doing," Sprague said.
     She notes she has been able to witness their reading skills develop over the year, which is a wonderful bonus.
     "I've seen the kids get more comfortable. They're reading with more confidence," she said.
     Sprague got her dog from a Pennsylvania breeder when he was just 8 weeks old. The Stabyhoun hails from the Netherlands, and there only are about 250 dogs of this type in North America. She first discovered the breed after seeing two of them in Vermont.
     "Watching them with their humans, they were well-behaved and well-mannered, and that is what we wanted," she said.
     She and her husband Ted owned and operated The Newcastle Inn for eight years, then sold it and moved to Vermont. They continued as innkeepers there for 17 years before returning to Maine.
     "We always knew this was home," she said.

     THE LITTLE OLD LADY...Kindergartners in Ms. Stewart's class heard the Halloween story "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything" in October. They then assembled and decorated the scarecrow featured at the end of the book. Great job, kindergarten!

'Wild Things' invade
NCS Library
     NOBLEBORO - Kindergarten students from Mrs. Stewart's class heard the popular Maurice Sendak book, "Where the Wild Things Are" during a recent library read-aloud. 
     The children then went on to create their own masks using paper plates, cardstock, markers and glue. Once their wild masks were complete, they took their rightful place on the stage near the library mural inspired by the classic picture book.
     Great job, kindergarten!

Spooky tales haunt
library story hour

     Things have been getting a bit creepy, as they often do, in October as Mrs. Harriman has brought out all of the stories about ghosts and goblins, witches and mummies!
     Kindergarten recently read "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything," and students then recreated the scarecrow at the end of the book (see top of page).
     Older students in grades 4 and 5 have been listening to the chapter book "Took" by Mary Downing Hahn, who is an author known for her creepy tales. Third-graders are delighting in "Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery," and trying to figure out if the fluffy bunny truly IS a vampire who sucks the juice out of veggies at night.
     "Creepy Carrots" by Aaron Reynolds is another crowd-pleaser at this time of year and inspires student artwork.
NCS kids vote for
Chickadee Award
     Students at NCS voted for the 2017 Chickadee Award, an award given to the favorite picture book selected by children each year across Maine.
     Grades 2-4 voted in this popular annual contest, and they selected "Mother Bruce" as their favorite with 14 votes total. In second place was "Emmanuel's Dream" with 11 votes. "Land Shark" won third place at NCS with 8 votes.
     Kids statewide chose "Land Shark" as their favorite book, with "Mother Bruce" landing in 3rd place with youngsters across Maine!
Students in Grade 2 created "Creepy Carrots" inspired by the picture book with the same name during library class in October.

      THE WAY WE WERE...This year's sixth-graders peruse the books they selected during a visit to the NCS Library way back when they were in fifth grade.

    Sixth-graders are learning about using library reference books and online resources as research tools.
Grade 6 refreshes 
research skills
     Sixth-graders in Mrs. Sabina's class visited the library recently to brush up on their research skills and revisit the library's Reference Section.
     They heard a brief lesson from Mrs. Harriman about what is available in the reference section at the NCS Library, as well as how to search for books online using the school's Destiny database and the non-fiction section.
     Students will use what they learned to search the library catalog from anywhere, and access books more independently now that they are in middle school.

    BOOK NOOK...Classmates read during their library time after checking out books.

    LOST & FOUND...Do these books belong to you or your classroom? They were in the library bookdrop just after school started & do not belong to the NCS Library. To claim them, see Mrs. Harriman!

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Garrett reviews
'20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'

Garrett's Video

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