Welcome to 4th Grade! This is what we do:

 Open House 2018 Tour of Kingdom
The Kingdom ProjectUnderstanding water flow...
On September 29 at 12:45 we measured our shadows. We questioned if our shadows would be longer or shorter.
a month later. We discovered they were longer! Do you know way? Ask us about the path of the sun,
Meet Your Teacher
Mrs. Plummer with Mr. Roy and Mr. Coleman         

Reading Corner: 
Math Corner:

Inch Worm Video: 2+2= 4;4+4=8;8+8=16;16+16=32

Writer's Corner

Science Corner
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Mindset Mantra: "Power of Yet"

Fixed MindsetAssumes intelligence and other qualities, abilities, and talents are fixed traits that cannot be significantly developed. 

Growth Mindset: Assumes intelligence and other qualities, abilities, and talents can be developed with effort, learning, and dedication over time.