Student Supplies:
It is necessary for students to come to class with:
pencil w/eraser
2" binder
single subject notebook
2 pocket folder
It is helpful for students to have their own calculator:
Here's a link to one at Staples - you can get them anywhere - should be $12 to $15
Texas Instrument TI-30x  Staples - Calculator TI-30X-11S

Practice Linear Equations at Student Desmos!!!
Code PY3D

Practice Grade Level Math at:

7th grade Course Options:
Course 2 - 7th grade standards
Course 3 - Pre-Algebra

8th grade Courses:
Course 3 - Pre-Algebra
Algebra Concepts - 9th grade standards
Honors Algebra 1 - advanced 9th grade standards

Math Options:
*Algebra 1
*Honors Algebra 1 (application and test required)
*Geometry (application and test required)

How do you know which class to sign up for???
Pre-Algebra Part 1 of 2
 Algebra 1
*Honors Alg 1 or **Honors Geometry
*(if you apply and are accepted in the Honors Program)

**Students that are accepted into the honors program qualify to take the Algebra 1 final at Lincoln in May.  

Each student has a Khan Academy account and can practice Math Skills at home.



Please feel free to email me at anytime. Email is quickest way to communicate ( My website will be updated frequently with assignments, important dates, and other important information and resources. My webpage can be accessed through the GSB site under the 5-8 webpages tab. PowerSchool is an excellent way to check the progress in math class. I update powerschool on a weekly basis, so it allows you to track student progress and see any missing assignments.

10 Steps to Being a Successful Math Student :

Come to class on time (check in if you have a band lesson)

Be prepared 

Complete assignments on time

Take good notes

Show your work

Redo assessments below 2.5

Check in and catch up when you are absent

Use class time wisely  

Seek extra help if needed


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