Student Supplies:
It is necessary for students to come to class with:
pencil w/eraser
2" binder
single subject notebook
2 pocket folder
It is helpful for students to have their own calculator:
Here's a link to one at Staples - you can get them anywhere - should be $12 to $15
Texas Instrument TI-30x  Staples - Calculator TI-30X-11S

Practice Linear Equations at Student Desmos!!!
Code PY3D

Practice Grade Level Math at:


Test = 50%*

Quiz = 30%

Homework = 20%**

*Retest Allowed (within a week)

**Graded for completion not correctness

7th grade Course Options:
Course 2 - 7th grade standards
Course 3 - Pre-Algebra

8th grade Courses:
Course 3 - Pre-Algebra
Algebra Concepts - 9th grade standards
Honors Algebra 1 - advanced 9th grade standards

Math Options:
*Algebra 1
*Honors Algebra 1 (application and test required)
*Geometry (application and test required)

How do you know which class to sign up for???
*Orleans Hanna Test in February
Below 70 = Pre-Algebra
71-89 = Algebra 1
90- 98 = *Honors Alg 1 or **Honors Geometry
*(if you apply and are accepted in the Honors Program)

**Students that are accepted into the honors program qualify to take the Algebra 1 final at Lincoln.  

*2017/18 details/updates coming soon!

Each student has a Khan Academy account and can practice Math Skills at home.

2017-2018 information coming soon!



Please feel free to email me at anytime. Email is quickest way to communicate ( My website will be updated frequently with assignments, important dates, and other important information and resources. My webpage can be accessed through the GSB site under the 5-8 webpages tab. PowerSchool is an excellent way to check the progress in math class. I update powerschool on a weekly basis, so it allows you to track student progress and see any missing assignments.

10 Steps to Being a Successful Math Student :

Come to class on time (check in if you have a band lesson)

Be prepared 

Complete assignments on time

Take good notes

Show your work

Redo assessments below 70%

Check in and catch up when you are absent

Use class time wisely  

Seek extra help if needed


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