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Bike Rodeo

Classroom News

May-June 2018


Children’s decoding strategies are getting stronger and stronger as they read more and more each day. “Making meaning” of the written word is the ultimate goal of reading, so children are also learning early comprehension strategies, such as retelling story events and finding text evidence to support answers to inferential questions.

We are researching reptiles and creating informational charts. Everyone will write a “chapter book” about one type of reptile – snakes, lizards, turtles & tortoises, or alligators & crocodiles. These young writers are really working hard! Our final writing unit will be persuasive writing. Students will write to persuade others to help fix problems they see. They will also write their opinions about books they’ve read.

We are reading some wonderful stories about bears (in honor of Suzy!) Everyone is excited to have a turn taking Suzy Bear home, and sharing their journal entry in school the next day.


• learning combinations to 5 and between 5 and 10

• writing equations

• counting to 100

• counting objects by 10’s and 1’s

• comparing the weights of objects

• estimating and counting capacity in non-standard units

• comparing quantities to determine more than, less than, or equal to

• understanding teen numbers as “ten and some more”

• developing multiple strategies to solve addition & subtraction story problems

Theme Study

Reducing Human Impact: We’ll learn about land, water, and air pollution, the importance of conserving natural resources, and the 3R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle.

Plant Needs: Students will conduct investigations to observe the effect on plant growth of varying amounts of light and water.

Kindergartners will also grow pollinator plants that we’ll plant in a new butterfly garden at GSB!

Animal Needs: Students will learn that animals get energy from food and water in order to live and grow. They’ll learn that animals can be carnivores, herbivores, and omnivoresWe will incubate chicken eggs!

Special Events

Our bus drivers will teach us important things about bike safety and we’ll have a bike rodeo!

Coming Up . . .

Windsor Fair Livestock Expo Kids’ Day

May 17

Four Winds Presentation:

Flower to Fruit

May 21

Bike Rodeo

May 23

Field Day

June 1

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

June 6

DRA: Birds & Basic Needs

June 11

Cooking at FARMS Kitchen

June 14


June 18

11:30 Dismissal

You Can Help

• Practice reading daily.

• Write with lowercase letters. Remember to capitalize sentence beginnings and use end punctuation!

• Learn addition and subtraction facts up to 5 automatically.

• Identify objects by 3D shape names: sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism

Children may have a range of mixed emotions, questions, and concerns about leaving Kindergarten and going to first grade. We will be talking about them in school, but it might also be good to check in with your child at home too.  Keep the discussion low-key, ask open-ended questions, and just let your child express his/her feelings.  Of course, be positive!