Welcome to Kindergarten!

Classroom News

September 2018


Using daily messages and poems, students are learning basic concepts about print such as reading top to bottom and left to right, the difference between letters and words, and spacing between words. I am also introducing some sight words.

We have learned the 3 ways to read a book:

Read the pictures

Read the words

Retell the story

Everyone has an individual book bin and we’re working on the first of the Literacy Daily 5 – Read to Self. (At this point students are “reading the pictures”). Each day we increase our number of “stamina” minutes staying on task independently, recording our progress on a graph. Ultimately, while students work independently on all five of the “daily five” components, I will meet with individuals and small groups.

We’re working on learning letter names and sounds!

Writing Workshop is also up and running and we are learning about what writers do. We are thinking of things we know a lot about and "writing" about them (mostly drawings at this point). As with reading, we are building stamina for staying on task independently.

We’ve begun learning uppercase letter formation using fun, hands-on materials. We begin with the “frog jump” letters – those that start with a “big line down, then jump to the top”, such as F and E.

* Please reinforce starting at the top when your child is writing uppercase letters, like his/her name. *


Each day we do Number Corner, learning about the calendar, shapes, patterns, and a lot of basic number concepts. We also keep track of the number of school days, graph the weather, and tally the temperature. 

To find out what else your child is learning about in Math each month, please read the Math Unit Overviews on the sidebar of this web page! This month we are working on:

• counting to 20

• recognizing and building sets to 10

• counting, ordering, and comparing numbers to 10

• writing numerals to 10

We’re also sorting by attributes and working with structures and patterns.

Theme Study

Our main focus right now is getting to know each other, being in a group, and all about school. Every day is power-packed with fun, new learning and social experiences!

We’ve learned the GSB rules of respect, responsibility, safety, and kindness. Ask your child what it means to be a “bucket filler” (not a “bucket dipper”). All day, every day, students do small, wonderful things that brighten everyone’s day!

We are also learning about Monarch caterpillars and butterflies: life cycle, diet, migration, and other interesting facts. We had five caterpillars, that are in their chrysalises now. Metamorphosis takes about two weeks!

Special Events

The children will soon be introduced to proper ipad use and will learn how to log into Lexia Core 5, a terrific literacy skill program. Your child can do this at home too. The link is on the GSB website. Usernames are child’s first name + first letter of last name; password is 1234.

Coming Up . . .

Open House

September 18 6:00

(PTO Dinner 5:00)



September 27


September 28

You Can Help

• Notice letters and numbers all around - signs, stores, around the house, on clothing, books. Help your child learn his/her names.

• If you have ABC manipulatives, like magnets or puzzle pieces, help your child sort them: straight lines/curves/both, tall/short, holes/no holes. Say the letter names and sounds. Use them to spell names and simple words.

• Have fun rhyming words.

• Look for shapes and patterns in the world around you. Ask your child things like “How do you know it’s a triangle?” (3 straight sides and 3 corners) or “What will come next in this pattern? How do you know?”

• Expect, encourage, and praise respectful manners and behavior.