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Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences ~ November 2018

The sign up calendar for parent conferences will be available next week. Please contact me if none of those times work for you. Students are welcomed to attend their own conference.
I will also explain how our new standards based reporting for parents will work and answer any questions you have.

Food Bank Farm

Many in our class thought this was the best trip yet ! We went to the Food Bank Farm at the DRA. We harvested carrots, beets and 560 pounds of peppers that 8th graders planted last spring! We washed the vegetables and made delicious fresh quesadillas under the tent. They were SO good ! The produce from the FBF goes to all the different food pantries in our area. It is a great program ! Thank you to all the volunteers !

Food Bank Farm at DRA.m4v

Mt Battie 2018

Last week we were lucky enough to hike Mt. Battie in Camden. Despite being very cold at the summit, we enjoyed lunch and the spectacular view!
We learned part of the poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay that refers to the view on Mt. Battie. The week before we hiked Bradbury Mountain in Pownall. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures from that day.

Mt. Battie 18.m4v

The Paper House Collages

Our 5th and 6th grade multi-age class has been really busy ! We read a book called The Paper House by Lois Peterson about a ten year old girl named Safiyah. She lives with her grandmother in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya. They survive by selling things they find in the dump. While collecting magazines, to fill in the cracks of their wood and metal shack, Safiyah decides to bring some beauty to their world by making a collage with the colors and textures of magazine scraps. The collage becomes a mural and ends up covering the whole outside of the shack to paint a beautiful picture of Kenya. Safiyah’s work is discovered by an artist who offers to pay for her to go to school ! With hope and perseverance Safiyah created something to change their lives for the better.


What is a Multiage Classroom?
        We are often asked, "What is a multiage classroom, anyway ?" Our current sixth graders helped me write and film a video to explain the answer. Ava Nery edited the clips and put the whole thing together. They did a really terrific job ! I hope you enjoy it !

YouTube Video

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