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Fifth and sixth graders will be taking the Maine Educational Assessments from March 26-March 29. As always, it is very helpful if your child  gets enough sleep, eats a good breakfast and brings a healthy snack . We will have some special treats on those days as well. Thanks you so much for your
 help !



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17 Things We Can Do to Make Our World a Better Place
by 5/6 Multi-age Class
1. Volunteer
2. See something - say something
3. Speak up for what you believe in  & be yourself
4. Always speak kindly
5. Work as a team even if we have differences
6. Include people who are alone
7. Make new friends
8. Take good care of our environment
9. Do random acts of kindness
10. Use manners - be polite
11. Be persistent - don't give up on your dreams
12. He a "growth mindset" - be  positive
13. REALLY listen
14. Be patient
15. Treat everyone equally
16. Be better than your best
17. Be responsible (do your homework)

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Food Bank Farm Trip
by Zoe Herald and Addy Prior
            On Tuesday, October 24 , 2017 our class went with Mrs. Coleman to the Food Bank Farm at the D.R.A. We went to help with the harvest.
We mostly harvested carrots. The carrots were delicious ! We also harvested broccoli, rainbow chard and purple and green kale and added fresh onions, olive oil, soy sauce and  garlic to make a stir fry. Mrs. Kleinkopf helped us cook it. It was super delicious !

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Today, October 10th , Cole's mom and dad, Carolyn and Matt Siegel, treated our whole class to ice cream at Round Top in honor of Alice Skiff and family! 
Thank you !

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We had a wonderful trip to Mt. Battie, as you can see from all the smiles !

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What is a Multiage Classroom?
        We are often asked, "What is a multiage classroom, anyway ?" Our current sixth graders helped me write and film a video to explain the answer. Ava Nery edited the clips and put the whole thing together. They did a really terrific job ! I hope you enjoy it !

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