Athletics at NCS

The Role of Athletics at NCS
Athletics at Nobleboro Central School play an important role in the total program for grades 6 – 8. Qualities developed by athletic participation include good sportsmanship, team play, a healthy sense of competition, physical fitness, and the development of emotional and mental attitudes that benefit the individual, the school, and the community.

The Athletic Code
NCS athletes are expected to learn and practice discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, respect, loyalty, time management, accountability, citizenship, and sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship is…
                       playing fair
                       abiding by the rules of a contest
                       accepting victory or defeat graciously
                       having a positive attitude
                       adopting an attitude that lasts a lifetime.

Academic Eligibility/Alternative Eligibility Contract
A summary of academic eligibility from pp. 10-11 in the NCS Student Handbook: Athletes must have a C average with no Fs. If the student is ineligible, s/he must have an eligibility contract, which will require a schedule of mandatory after school sessions. If the student is not attending 90% of the sessions, s/he will not be eligible to participate in games for 2 weeks. If the student is not eligible at the time of tryouts, s/he will not be able to tryout.

NCS Boosters Club is one way families can support athletics