Welcome to our Class!


Welcome to Second Grade! It is going to be a GREAT year!!


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Mrs. Hanna's Second Grade Class

In the weeks to come....

February 12, 2018 - Spirit Week - Hat Day!

February 13 - Guidance/Health
8:30- lunch
Spirit Week - Crazy Hair Day

February 14 - Valentine Card Exchange 
Trip to FARMS Kitchen to cook African Food!! 12:15-2:20
Spirit Week - Dress to Impress

February 15 - Spirit Week - Cool Socks

February 16 - Spirit Week - Favorite Character Day

February 19-23 Vacation Week

March 2 - Community Read Aloud 12:30

March 15 - Guidance/Health

March 20 - Four Winds Science 8:30-9:30

April 6 - Bowdoin College for Special Olympics

April 10 - Guidance/Health
8:30- lunch

April 16-20 Vacation Week

April 24 - Four Winds Science 8:30-9:30

May 8 - Vernal Pools - Chewonki

May 15 - Four Winds 8:30-9:30

May 17 - Guidance/Health

May 22 - Four Winds Science 8:30-9:30

Week of February 5, 2018.m4v

February 11, 2018 We had a great week starting with a coding lesson on Monday with Jesse Butler. Sadly, we had our final tennis lesson Monday afternoon at the YMCA! We LOVE tennis time! On Wednesday, we had an early release and Thursday brought a late start but we did get in a visit from four of Lincoln Academy's International Students from Africa. They taught us about their home countries..... Burundi, Nigeria and Rwanda. We hated to see them leave! Science Friday this week was a "Social Studies Friday" for our class since they got to do an awesome scavenger hunt on their iPads with Ms. Kristie to learn more about Africa.

Week of January 29, 2018.m4v

February 2, 2018 ANOTHER snow day today!! :-( We did have a good week though, with Jesse Butler coming in to teach us about the internet and computer basics, tennis, and a great play at the Poe Theater, Wiley and the Hairy Man!

Week of January 15, 2018.m4v

1-22-18 These photos are from the trip that the kids made last week to Camp Kieve for Health and Guidance class. Thanks to Mrs. Peaslee for the photos!! The kids had a great time and we got SO much done at our Second Grade PLC!!

Week of January 8, 2018.m4v

1-14-18 We had so much fun at our first tennis lesson! The only problem was that we won't get to go again until January 22 since we have MLK Day this week! Inside Recesses were fun this week too, although we do LOVE playing in the snow! We are working on a map of Maine after finishing our discussion of compass roses. We also worked on and completed our mid-year spelling assessments!!! Everyone is making progress!!!! 

1-6-18 Wow! What a wacky first week back! It was great to get back into the swing of things.... sort of! Here is to hoping that we can get 5 days in next week!!

Week of Dec. 22, 2017.m4v

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a great vacation!!!

Week of December 11, 2017.m4v

12-16-17 We had a great time at Lincoln Academy this week learning about Holidays Around the World! It was a great conversation as we learned about Spain, Germany and Kazakhstan! We were then treated to a special snack with a treat from each country! It was a fun morning of learning!

Week of December 4, 2017.m4v

12- 11-17 Last week, our Elf on the Shelf arrived in our classroom! It has been fun to pair him with acts of kindness which we track three times a day and add to our number line. 
We lead the Pledge last week and were busy with making holiday cards for our fire fighter friends. We worked on Holidays Around the World projects and collected food for GSB Cares A Ton!! So much fun!!

Week of November 27, 2017.m4v

Lots of math work with place value using sticks and bundles this week. Hannah Fake teaches us about rehabilitating animals!

12-3-17 - This past week was only 4 days long for students, but a very busy one! We had lots going on to prepare for the end of the trimester, including a Benchmark Assessment day, a presentation by Hannah Fake (Mrs. Fake's daughter who had done an awesome internship in the western US with a animal rescue group), and a trainer coming in for our new Bridges Math program! Can you believe that we are one third of the way through the year already!?!?

Week of November 20, 2017.m4v

     This very short week before Thanksgiving was a busy one for us! Four Winds came to do another amazing science lesson for us! It was about bird migration and seasonal changes. The kids had such a great time and we all learned so much! We also had a delicious taste test with Mrs. Coleman. We tried a slaw made with butternut squash, beets, parsley, roasted pecans and dressing. It was amazing! I hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Week of November 13, 2017.m4v

11-18-17 We had a week full of surprises this week! First, our penpal letters arrived from our new friends in a Second Grade class in Chennai, India. They are from a school called the American International School of Chennai. This is a school with students from all over the world. We have penpals from the USA, Germany, South Korea, Denmark, and England! The kids were SO excited! Our first round of letters are done and in the mail back to them! On Friday, we made models of molecules and planted garlic with Mrs. Coleman! On our next Science Friday, we will be swapping groups and our class will be with Ms. Kristie for the next trimester. I will have Mrs. Fake's class! Please check your child's folder for information about Santa's Workshop materials that we will begin collecting after Thanksgiving!

11-11-17 Phew! Parent Teacher Conferences are done and we are back into the routine for a little while. November is going to FLY by! 

10-4-17 After 6 days (almost 7) with no power, we finally have ours back tonight! What a crazy week! We had so many conversations at school about generators, gasoline and gas grills! These were in the classroom and with staff too! I hope that ALL of you are back on line too!! I am looking forward to seeing you at conferences this week!!

October 28, 2017.m4v

10-28-17 What a busy week we had this past week!! We had Four Winds Science on Tuesday for the first time. It was amazing! We learned about seed and how they are distributed. Our teachers were Mrs. Day and Mrs. McGreggor. They started out with a puppet show, let us look at seeds with magnifiers, took us outside for a seed hunt, sorted these seeds that we found AND had a seed race with milkweed seeds! We can't wait for our next lesson in November! 
     Rainy inside Recesses were fun on Wednesday and Thursday! Then on Thursday afternoon, we got to go to the FARMS Kitchen to cook with pumpkin from our GSB Garden! We made roasted pumpkin seeds, muffins, soup and roasted pumpkin! The kids LOVED getting to try this stuff! Recipes are in their notebooks that came home last night! Below are some awesome quotes from the kids about this lesson!
-"I would love to come here every day!" Noah
-"I love FARMS Kitchen!" Ava
-"If this room was flooded with pumpkin seeds, I would eat us out!" Auggie
-"Actually, I liked everything!" Arabella
-"Can I get this recipe?" Peyton
-"It smells like my mom's pumpkin pie!" Wyatt
-"My favorite things are the muffins and the seeds." Cameron, Arayna and Jessica
     On Friday, we did some flower disection as we learned more with Mrs. Coleman about pollination. The kids may have come home wearing some pollen!!! Our Matter lesson revealed our Mystery Bag contents as we used the properties of matter that we have been learning about! We ended the day with a special snack to that Arabella's mom provided to help us celebrate her birthday!!!

Week of October 16, 2017.m4v

     We had a great FULL week of school! We did a lot of measuring with unifix cubes and worked on place value in Math too. Our creation on "Hannaville" will be ready for photos by this time next week. The kids are loving creating our little classroom community! We had some incredible weather and tried to make the most of it! The kids are enjoying their fairy tale writing so much! We are all eager to share our stories. Mrs. Coleman started to teach us about pollination and pollinators. We also had a lesson about properties of Matter. We learned about how the molecules move for different types of matter too! 

Week of October 10, 2017.m4v

October 14, 2017 - This was a super busy week for a 4 day week! We had Jog-A-Thon on Wednesday, Outdoor Education Day on Thursday with a trip to Hidden Valley Nature Center and Fire Safety Day! Huge thanks to Damariscotta, Newcastle and Bremen Firefighters for coming in with the smoke trailer and gear to teach our kids to be safe during a fire! All of the children were encouraged to find ONE spot outside of their home to be their family meeting place should a fire happen in your home. We also started our Field Trip T-Shirts!!! We use these to record our adventures outside of school during the year and then wear them to Field Day at the end of the year!!! 

10-9-17 We are writing Fairy Tales now. Ms. Betsy read her favorite to us in her best southern voice!! It was a busy week with Noah Teele joining our class!  We are settled in and ready for a fantastic October!!!

10-1-17 We started a new Science experiment with Mrs. Coleman this week. We are now testing the effect of not watering plants on their growth. We will be measuring our plants for the next two weeks to see how it goes! 

Our Science experiment plants! The one on the left had sunlight and the one on the right grew under foil. 

Week of September 18, 2017.m4v

9-23-17 - We had a great week this week. We did a Science experiment with plants and light, had our first spelling test of our personal words and added many new games to our Work Places time in Math (pictures above)! 

Week of 9-11-17.m4v

Mr. Drew and His Animals Too! Summer Reading Party!!

9-15-17 - We finished learning about our Matter items on Science Friday. We also had a lesson about what plants need with Mrs. Coleman. We planted 10 radish seeds each and will water them equally but one set will get sunlight while the other won't! We will record data about our results on our next Science Friday! We wrapped up Benchmark Assessments for the beginning of the year and started in on Lexia!!! Thanks to all of the families who where able to come in to visit us at Open House too! It was the best turn out that I have EVER had!!! 

Week of September 4, 2017.m4v

September 10 - We had a great week this week with lots of our routines beginning to fall into place! We did some assessments, had our first lesson on Matter on Science Friday as well as working on a lesson on Plants with Mrs. Coleman! We loved our first Inside Recess too! I promise that I will do better on photos next week!!!! I hope to get to meet many of you at our PTO Dinner/Open House on Tuesday night from 5:00-7:00!!

Week of August 28, 2017.m4v

What a great first week! We had a bus safety lesson with our some of our bus drivers, did a cups building challenge, learned a lot about each other and started our new Bridges Math program!!! This is going to be a GREAT year!!

     If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email (mhanna@aos93.org) or by phone at my home phone (which is also my cell phone) 529-5707. Please only call before 9 PM unless it is an emergency. Thanks and I am very excited about the year to come......it is going to be amazing!