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    Mrs. Hanna's First Grade Class

    In the weeks to come....

     4-19-14  Spring Break Begins

         We are getting ready to start our Plant Unit this week! We have been doing a lot of reading about Easter in terms of baby animals as part of our reintroduction to fiction stories this week so far. We have switched up our Daily 5 activities too with new Writing About Reading activities (bookmarks) and Word Work activities (using our words in sentences).

    Sledding to Sweden Medals!

         The change in our weather has been like a miracle in First Grade! We are loving getting outside at every opportunity! We had a great time walking on the Nature Trail behind our Christmas Tree Farm on Friday with the other First Graders as a celebration of warmer temperatures!!
         Realistic Fiction is off to a great start this week. Some of the kids are writing about different characters in each book and others are doing "series" of books using the same characters already!!

    March 22, 2014

         Daily 5 is part of our everyday reading program. It is a great way to practice skills on whatever kind of reading we are doing! The kids seem to enjoy it and I have never had such great First Grade Spellers!!

    Print Making!

          Print making was absolutely amazing! Mary Boothby and Kirsten Campbell, both parents in our school, came in and did prints with the children this week. They are now on display in our hallway. Be looking forward to a whole school instillation in the months to come!!

         We will start our Plant Unit on Friday officially and then tackle the topic hard when we return from vacation with our awesome Master Gardener volunteers!

    Straws and Twist Ties

         In Math, we are on to Unit 9 now! We are learning lots more about place value and fractions! Lots of fun!

    YouTube Video

         Here is a new strategy for learning to tie shoes for anyone who wants to try a new angle!!! Thanks to our O.T., Bethany Hancock for sharing this find!!!

         If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email (mhanna@aos93.org) or by phone at my home phone (which is also my cell phone) 529-5707. Please only call before 9 PM unless it is an emergency. Thanks and I am very excited about the year to come......it is going to be amazing!

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