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Mrs. Hanna's First Grade Class
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In the weeks to come....

November 25-29 - Thanksgiving Break
December 3 - Family Literacy Night - PTO Event

     We are now dealing with lice in our classroom. We are doing what we can here, but I would recommend that all little girls who have hair long enough for a pony tail or braids wear it up for the time being.... I use tea tree shampoo in my own hair daily since supposedly the lice do not like it. Also, there are spray products that you can spray on their hair to try to prevent the spread. The most important thing to do for all of the kids (girls AND boys) is to check their heads regularly!!

November 24, 2015

     We had a great time in the Planetarium learning about our planets, the sun and our solar system in general. The class came back with all kinds of new ideas to share! It is always a great experience!!

Food Group Pasta Salad

     Mrs. Coleman came in to make Food Group Pasta Salad with us on Thursday. It had whole wheat pasta, edamame, red peppers, carrots, apples, dried cranberries, cheese, and a light vinegrette dressing. The kids gobbled it up!! Most of what we used either came from our school garden or were Maine products!

Fort Western Trip!

     We had a perfect day for our trip to Fort Western in Augusta on Monday! The kids are still buzzing about all that they learned. They were a great audience too! We learned about the kitchen where they made cinnamon toast on a toe toaster after grinding cinnamon and sugar in a mortar and pestle and using snippers to snip a sugar cone. They also got to try mulled cider, which was a BIG hit! They split wood with a fro and mallet and then carried it to the kitchen for the fire. Finally, they went to the bed chamber and got to make a rope bed and learned about feather mattresses and straw mattresses!

Halloween Fun

     For our Halloween celebration this year, we combined our end of the month celebration for attendance and homework. We handed out certificates and books for perfect attendance for October and for homework completion on time. We enjoyed watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" all together and then went back to our classroom for some Halloween drawing and music time!! We watched the Kindergarten parade and then the kids got their pumpkin treats from me! They were so excited for the weekend fun to begin!

Planting Garlic

     As part of our science curriculum, we are learning about plants. Mrs. Coleman came in to teach us about garlic and we planted some in our school garden! We also got to harvest carrots, which were DELICIOUS!! Next week, we will try out some garlic bread made with some of the garlic cloves that we saved out!

Colonial Studies

     We are learning about Colonial Times in Social Studies now. We spent the morning of our Early Release Day making apple sauce, butter, and corn bread. We did some weaving, played with our Colonial Doll House, did a bean bag toss game and played with Lincoln Logs. At the end of the morning, we watched a video about jobs long ago and had a FEAST!! We are all excited about our trip to Fort Western in Augusta on Monday!!

Smoke Trailer 2015

     Thank you to all of the Fire Fighters who came to teach us about Fire Safety! We are still talking and writing about it!

     These are some of the writing pieces we did during our Technology time with Ms. Kassie after our trip to Fort Western!

     If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email (mhanna@aos93.org) or by phone at my home phone (which is also my cell phone) 529-5707. Please only call before 9 PM unless it is an emergency. Thanks and I am very excited about the year to come......it is going to be amazing!