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Mrs. Hanna's First Grade Class
*Dismissal is now at 2:35*

In the weeks to come....

Valentine's Party - February 12

February Vacation - February 13-22

Bubbles in Science!!

     This week in Water Centers, we learned about bubbles and how the act and interact. Mrs. Peaslee's Science Class worked on dissolving solids in liquids. The children are still loving all that they are learning in Science!!

      Last week, we did our placement test for Symphony Math. This is an online math program developed by the folks who created Lexia. It is WAY more fun than Lexia and the kids seem to love it. It is similar in that it places them where they need to be and practices those skills. The challenge will be to find time to use it. It is a pilot so we are just trying it out for the rest of this year. The login is the same as for Lexia and they can do it at home if they want to! The site is mysymphonymath.com.

Heartwood Theater

     We had a great time at Heartwood Theater's production of Three Blue Tales last Thursday morning at Lincoln Academy. Our whole class had front row seats and were eager to come back and write reviews about their favorites of the three plays! It was an inspiration for sure!!

     Welcome to SIMON BIRCH DAVIS this week! Our guidance counselor, Jill Davis, finally had her baby. He arrived on Friday. We have a substitute for Mrs. Davis until she returns, so you may hear the kids mention Ms. Dean (Natalie Dean) as she takes over for the next few weeks!

Week of January 4

      We are excited for Valentine's Day, even though it falls on a weekend this year! The kids would like to exchange cards at school anyway. I am sending home a class list for you. If you are unable to get cards, please let me know and I will help!!! 
     If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email (mhanna@aos93.org) or by phone at my home phone (which is also my cell phone) 529-5707. Please only call before 9 PM unless it is an emergency. Thanks and I am very excited about the year to come......it is going to be amazing!