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Red E. Fox came to teach us about making 9-1-1 calls correctly!!

Finn and Olivia!!

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Mrs. Hanna's First Grade Class
*Dismissal is now at 2:35*

In the weeks to come....

May 3 - PTO Meeting 6:00
May 6 - Spring Band Concert 6:00
May 9 - Mismatched/Clash Day
May 10 - NWEA 
Fictional Character Day
May 11 - School Board Meeting 6:00
Rainbow Grade Day (First Grade color is orange)
May 12 - Hat Day
May 13 - A Midsummer Night's Dream at GSB
Dress to Impress Day
May 17 - 9:00 -10:30 - FARMS Kitchen - Cooking Japanese
May 24 - Pemaquid Beach
May 25 - Bike Rodeo
Parent/Teacher Conferences
May 26 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
May 27 - Mr. and Mrs. Fish
May 30 - Memorial Day - No School
May 31 - Dissecting Squid
June 3 - Pemaquid Beach Rain Date
June 6 - Seabird Sue
June 7 & 8 - Marine Unit Days
June 9 & 10 - Rain Dates Marine Unit
June 15 - Hardy Boat Cruise
Graduation 6:00
June 16 - Morning Assembly- Awards Ceremony and Concert by The Rocks
June 17 - Last Day of School 
Morning Assembly - Talent Show 8:45-10:30ish
11:35 Dismissal


April 29, 2016

Paddling to Poland Medals and Red E. Fox come to visit!

First Grade Fun!

4- 27-16 Conference sign ups are active at the top of this page now! The dates are Wednesday, May 25 and Thursday, May 26!! Please let me know if you need another date or time! 

4-11-16 We are doing April Showers today but all is fine since the kids LOVE the chance for inside recess once in awhile!! Last week was fun with our buy one get one free book fair. We are wrapping up a unit in Science talking about offspring and parents. The kids have done really well with it all. They are learning about Japan in Social Studies and using microscopes in Science with Mrs. Peaslee!!! 

     4-3-16 We had FIVE days this past week!! We had our March Celebration on Friday and are ready for April! Everyday this week we worked on our Portfolios and got them wrapped up for the second trimester!

     3-28-16 I hope that you all had a good weekend and a Happy Easter! Your children are coming home with a book about Lions today that all First Graders in the state received from the Maine Education Association! Our representative gave each classroom a chapter book and all 14,000 First Graders in the state the lion book! They were very excited and the timing is perfect since we are now learning about nonficiton writing!

FARMS Kitchen

     This week, we got to go to the FARMS Kitchen and made a feast for St. Patrick's day! We prepped, cooked, set the table, ate and cleaned up! I was very proud of the amazing behavior that the kids displayed!! Many thanks to Josh and Kiki Allan for gifting us with this trip!

     We had a great week with harvesting of our microgreens, making collages for our Choice Wheel and new learning about plants and animals in Science! Have a great long weekend!

We are loving our standing desks (see sidebar for more details) and busy bars! The pictures above show them in our room. We also planted microgreens today with Mrs. Coleman. It was great and now we get to water and watch them grow!!!

     Last week our class started a new behavior plan for our classroom. Our stop light chart is gone! We are now using the Wheel of Choice (as seen above - click on it to make it bigger). Each of these choices is being taught and practiced in the classroom. If we use the Wheel with a student during the week, we record the results and it goes into my records. On the back is another sheet, which is a rubric that we use for GSB in general. If the kids get to a "1", I will send a behavior note home for you to sign as usual. So far it is going GREAT!!
The reason for this change is to help kids to learn strategies to help them to deal with feelings and behaviors that they are dealing with during their day. If they go to the "cool off spot" now, it is usually because they choose it! Please let me know if you have any questions! I am very excited to give this a try!!


     If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email (mhanna@aos93.org) or by phone at my home phone (which is also my cell phone) 529-5707. Please only call before 9 PM unless it is an emergency. Thanks and I am very excited about the year to come......it is going to be amazing!