Kindergarten is the BEST!

                            May and June 
     CLICK Here For a Conferenc    Kindergartners are transferring their  foundational literacy skills into early decoding and comprehension strategies. It’s exciting to see everyone reading on their own! We worked hard doing research to write “All About” books. Topics were all about weather and all about reptiles. Everyone really felt grown-up writing “chapter” books! Now we’re doing persuasive writing giving our opinions about problems we see and how to fix them, what we think about a book, and persuading people to like one thing or another.

Here’s what we’ve been doing in Math:

• learning combinations to 5 and between 5 and 10

• writing equations

• counting to 100

• counting objects by 10’s and 1’s

• comparing the weights of objects

• estimating and counting capacity in non-standard units

• comparing quantities to determine more than, less than, or equal to

• understanding teen numbers as “ten and some more”

• developing multiple strategies to solve addition & subtraction story problems

In Science we learned the 3R’s “reduce reuse, recycle” to help reduce human impact on the earth. We studied plant needs, growth and development. We did experiments to see the effect of differing amounts of water and light on plant growth. We planted pollinator plants to attract butterflies in the school garden. We did this with Sarah Gladu and Margaret Coleman. We’re also learning about animal needs. We visited the new FARMS kitchen at the YMCA where we harvested and cooked with these seasonal vegetables. We loved seeing and learning about so many farm animals at the Windsor Fair! And we are thrilled about hatching chicks!!!