Welcome to 7/8 Science!

Like last year I am still using the Cosmos series, but at appropriate times in the curriculum to supplement the textbooks.  The Next Generation Science Standards are much more performance based, so we will be doing a lot of larger projects that take a long time.  Therefore there will be fewer grades during the course of the trimester.  Last year there were fewer quizzes, since there is less emphasis on knowledge in the new standards compared to the Learning Results.  Since I still believe that deep knowledge fosters deep thinking, I will be including more quizzes to ensure the students are  gaining the deep knowledge they need to effectively perform the Next Generation Standards style tasks.

Here is a link to the Next Generation Science Standards

Use the Standard page above by scrolling down to the Middle School Units on the left.  
You can look at any of the standards we are covering by clicking on the main topic.

If you do not have an IOS device like an iPhone or iPad contact me and I will share the folder that holds the iBooks.  You still need a Mac laptop with iBooks to access them. I am working on a way to translate the iBooks to a format accessible to PCs.

Don't forget to check out Dr. Carlson's Science Theater on the Itunes store as well. He is also on youtube under sciencetheatre.

Here are some videos relating to force and motion

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