Welcome to Our Boat Building Page!

Instructor:   Kurt Spiridakis 
School Liaison:  Scott White/Terry Mitchell
Contact: swhite@aos93.org or tmitchell@aos93.org 
2015-2016 Builders

8th Grade
Emma Scott
Braxton Farrin
Jarrett Gulden
Galen Daly-
O' Donnell

7th Grade
Aiden Seiders
Nuala Glendinning


The program was the brainstorm of Pam Sperry, former principal of South Bristol School. Given the maritime and fishing history of the South Bristol community, Pam, an advocate for experiential learning,  became convinced of the merits  of having the 8th grade students spend one day a week building wooden boats at the Maine Maritime Discovery Boat Building Program sponsored by the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine.
Her meticulous planning and enthusiasm convinced the superintendent, school board, and the greater school community of the merits of implementing such an innovative program.
That was in 1995. Today, under the exceptional instruction of Kurt and his volunteers the students continue to learn the art of building a wooden skiff. An art that can never be lost by those who have the unique opportunity to build a boat from lofting it to launching it at our own Bittersweet Landing Boatyard in June.

Historically, two boats have been built, one for the 8th graders to raffle off to help fund their 8th grade class trip to Washington, DC and one for Maine Maritime Museum to sell.


In addition to their boat building experiences, students answer questions posed by, Kurt Spiridakis, the boat building instructor.They also submit a journal which requires them to explain the safety lesson presented, define new vocabulary, and write a memoir of a particular experience that they found memorable.
Journals and questions are evaluated by Kurt and students are graded according to the correctness of their answers and the quality of their written responses.