High School Information

High School Information

Lincoln Academy:

8th Grade Family Night - TBA

Jefferson 8th grade students visit Lincoln Academy - TBA
LA guidance counselor visits Jefferson Village School - TBA
After completing the 8th grade year, students in AOS 93 are able to attend the high school of their choice*!  Check out these commonly attended high schools in our area:


                   How do students choose? 

The high school selection process begins toward the middle of the 8th grade year.  At this time, some area high schools come to Jefferson and give presentations of their programs and pass out school information.  Schools also invite students and parents to an informational meeting/open house.  (Look for these dates to come home on a Weekly Memo or be posted on this page as soon as they become available.)  Later in the early spring, high schools arrange for students spend a day shadowing or touring the school.

                   How do students register for classes? 

Students will begin registering for high school classes in the early spring.  Although each high school handles registration in a slightly different way, all high schools require student, teacher and parent input.  Students receive detailed course guides and are given opportunities to ask questions about what types of courses they should take.  Our guidance counselor, the eighth grade teachers and the high school guidance counselors are more than happy to help students make appropriate choices!


For some students and their families, choosing a high school may seem like an overwhelming task!  Students and parents
should not hesitate to ask at any time!
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