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NEW  NWEA Test Names to Assign - Since moving to the web-based NWEA, test names have changed. Be careful   selecting tests. Many of the test names are similar. It is easy to  select an incorrect test.      


All grade 1 & 2 students should be outfitted with headsets and the audio working for each of their math and reading tests.  They should be taking the following:
  • PRI-MATH-Survey w/Goals Common Core(Algebra,Num/Operations)
  • PRI-MATH-Survey w/Goals Common Core(Meas/Data,Geometry)
  • PRI-READ Survey w/Goals Common Core(FoundSkills,LangWriting)
  • PRI-READ Survey w/Goals Common Core(Lit/Info,Vocab)

It probably will take four sittings for each grade to complete. 

Second grade students should not be taking the MAP 2-5 survey w/goals test.

AOS 93 NWEA Assessment Schedule

  • Grade 2-8 this fall. 
  • Grade 1 in Winter and all others below the 40th %ile (others optional - by school). 
  • All - grades 1-8 in spring - window to be determined after further conversation about SBAC has concluded.

Important Information for Test Preparation and Administration

NEW - Access online training for the new NWEA web-based MAP system where you will find short videos with information about the new format for proctors, educators and MAP Leaders. 
In addition the links below provide a quick overview of what's different.

Testing - What's Different?
for proctors (4 minutes)
for educators (6 minutes)
for MAP leaders/principals (5 minutes)

NWEA launched initial version of new website to help teachers
- RIT to Resource is a website that helps you find open educational resources based on a student’s RIT. It also shows  educational content aligned to standards, and provides a projection of college readiness for students in grade 8 and above.

MAP to KhanAcademy - NWEA partners with Khan Academy to provide easy way to find math resources based on a student’s goal RIT score. Find these new resources here.

Learning Continuum - For Web-Based MAP partners, the first stage of the new Learning Continuum - a set of interactive views providing teachers skill based activity groups aligned to Common Core standards. DesCartes and PGID available through 2014-2015 school year. Click for a FAQ and video overview. Find more information, including the video overview, on the MARC website under View Reports & Instructional Resources. Updated continually.

Knowledge Academy, NWEA's free online learning platform, designed to extend professional learning  and help make the most of our investment in MAP. Tutorials are complimentary as part of our MAP license. Resource designed to equip our team to succeed with NWEA assessments through a wealth of on-demand, bite-sized tutorials, recorded webinars, videos, support documents, and courses.