BCS Staff

To send e-mail to a BCS staff member address the message to "first initial last name" followed by the "@" symbol and "aos93.org" 

For example, John Doe would be jdoe@aos93.org 
Jennifer Ribeiro Principal
Sue Shiminski Administrative Assistant
Lauri Pulsifer School Nurse
Classroom Teachers
Alison Sawyer Pre-K
Andrea Powell Kindergarten
Christina Bradbury Grade 1
Ashley Pendleton Grade 2
Amber Lebel-Roy Grade 3
Ken Jackman Grade 4
Hilary Gallione Grades 5-6 Social Studies, Grades 5-6 Language Arts
Becky Cooper Grades 7-8 Language Arts, Grades 7-8 Social Studies
Kevin Crafts Grades 5-8 Science
Kandi Kinney Grades 7 Math, Language Arts and Social Studies, Grade 8 Math
Lynelle Schumacher    Grades 5-8 Math
Donovan York Grades 5-8 Math
Unified Arts  
Andrea Cough Art
John Cough Technology Instructor / Technology Coordinator
Tammy Holmes Library
Wade Johnston Music - Classroom, Chorus and Instrumental
Chris Perry Physical Education / Athletic Director
Special Education
Kathy Hogan Grades K-8 Special Education
Rachel Deblois Educational Technician
Erica Powell Educational Technician
Tammy Holmes Educational Technician
Jennifer Eckel Educational Technician
Gretchen Brinkler Guidance Counselor
Angelique Ouelette Psychologist
Patty Pratt Speech Therapist

Physical Therapist
Bethany Hancock Occupational Therapist
Kristen Travers-Whitmore Social Worker
Compass Program
Tanya Robinson Teacher
Lydia Crafts Social Worker
Matthew Eugley Educational Technician
Eddie Farrell Educational Technician
Wendy Pendleton Educational Technician
Morgan PerryEducational Technician
Susan CramerEducational Technician
Educational Technicians
Joan Hatch Educational Technician
Merrillee Cheney Educational Technician - K
Katie Thomas Title One
Ann BaldwinEducational Technician / Title One
Christy TomanEducational Technician
Maintenance Staff
Bob Onorato Head Custodian
Dick Forstrom  
Nicole St. Cyr
Ralph Bryant  
Food Service
Kristine Dyer Manager
Nancy Corson