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5/6 Homeroom

The 5th and 6th graders both start and finish the day in Mr. Bigonia's room. The bus arrives and students go directly to the center to get breakfast. Then they come back to the classroom by 8:00 AM, pass their homework in, and get settled. The first 10 minutes of the day is spent in homeroom. This time will primarily be used for read aloud and for solving puzzles that require critical thinking. We may also have classroom conversations to address issues or celebrate happenings in our lives.

At 8:10, we do the Pledge of Allegiance. Then classes begin. Students have 3 academic classes, an afternoon class, and 1 or 2 unified arts classes, also in the afternoon. The last period of the day is reserved for response to intervention (RtI) in which students who need extra help can get it and others can do enrichment projects or get ahead on homework.

At the end of the day, students will write down their homework in an assignment notebook and get it signed by Mr. Bigonia. Then it is time to go home.