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Welcome to the WES Let's Keep Learning website. This site will provide information about resources for students to practice and review skills from home if you choose to. There is no requirement to complete any work, but we wanted to provide resources for those who want to practice.

The grade level and special links on the left will take you to pages with a variety of electronic and non electronic resources to use if you choose.

   Thank you for your snowman pictures. We hope we posted all the ones we received. Please let us know if yours is not here. Send to Mr. Price (kprice@winslowk12.org) or Mrs. Gower (egower@winslowk12.org)
Check them out HERE!!!! 
(Parents, please indicate you are okay putting these picture up on this page. Thank you)

 *We offer this idea that might help you and others connect to the internet if you do not have wifi/internet access but have a device that can connect such as a tablet.  If you have a large or unlimited data plan on a cell phone, you might be able to make your phone a "hot spot" for a tablet or other device to connect to the electronic resources offered on this page. Please share this idea with others that may not get to this message posted here. Please also let us know if you are in need of print resources or additional food for your family by contacting us: Mrs. Gower (859-2304,egower@winslowk12.org) or Mr. Price (859-2302 or kprice@winslowk12.org).

3/23/2020 6:50 PM

A Message from Mr. Price to Parents

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Updates related to the COVID-19 response by Winslow Public Schools plus links to the CDC and information for families is here:
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