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Week    LessonWeb Links
Week 36Google 
Week 35 Year Review 
Week 34Slides/PowerPoint
3. a. With guidance from an educator, students use digital tools and resources, contained within a classroom platform or otherwise provided by the teacher, to find information on topics of interest.
I can create a report or presentation with information that I found when using technology.
Week 33Mrs. Carey's Birthday
50 States Song
Sons of Poetry
Don't let the pigeon drive the bus! 
Natural History Museum
Week 32Animal Research
3 a.  With guidance from an educator, students use digital tools and resources contained within a classroom platform or otherwise provided by the teacher, to find information on topics of reference.
Mobi and Mammals
Research Sheet 1
Research Sheet 2
I can take notes on what we learn from our research.
Week 31Teacher Appreciation
6 c.  With guidance from an educator, students share ideas win multiple ways-visual, audio, etc.
Kid President on School
Thank a Teacher 
I can use a technology tool to draw a picture.
Week 30 Keyboarding Skills
6 b. Students use digital tools to create original works.
Review of Keyboard
The Keyboard
How are pencils made?
I can use a word processing program to tell others about my ideas.
Week 29Poetry Month
1 a. With guidance from an educator, students consider and set personal goals and utilize appropriate technologies that will demonstrate knowledge and reflection of the process.
Mobi and Poetry
What is Poetry
Sons of Poetry
Crocodile Toothache
I can use a program on my device to show you what I know in my mind.
Week 28    Earth Day
7 d.  Students explore local and global issues and use collaborative technologies to work with others to investigate solutions. 
Brain Pop Earth
I can use technology tool to think of ideas to solve a problem.
Week 27Spring Birds
4 a. With the guidance from an educator, students ask questions, suggest solutions, test ideas to solve problems and share their learning.
Why do birds lay eggs in the spring? 
I can use technology to share what I know.
Week 26History of Computers
Math Practice
History of Computers Presentation
Internet Safety Lion King Style
Week 25Maine
MEA Testing
Enchanted Learning
50 States Song
Week 24St. Patricks DaySt. Patrick's Day! K-1
St. Patrick's Day 2-3
Blarney Castle
Blarney Stone
Week 23Mo WilliamsKnufflebunny
Don't let the pigeon drive the bus! 
Sketchpad 5.1
Week 22Read Across AmericaMeet the Fuzz Family
Week 21100 Days of School Reflection 
Week 20Keyboarding SuperbowlThis is Me
Shaun White
Lyndsey Vonn
Nathan Chen
Chloe Kim
Mikaela Shiffrin
Week 19Groundhog DayFun Facts About Groundhogs
Groundhog Day
Week 18Password SafetyPassword Rap 
The Moon
Dinosaurs Discover the Moon
Week 17Martin Luther King
Learning Styles
I have a Dream
Kid President and Dreaming
School House Rock
Week 16Cyberbulling 
My Dog
Sesame Street: Because We are Friends
Power of Words
For the Birds
Week 15Happy Holidays Norad
History of Norad
Week 14 Computer Coding
Gingerbread Code
11 year old App Developer
Computer Science Matters
Moby Computer Programming 
Week 13Digital Footprint Follow the Digital Trail
Natural History Museum
Week 12ThanksgivingMacy's Thanksgiving Parade
Brain Pop Jr Thanksgiving
Testing     Envisions Testing
Google Testing
Week 11Finger PlacementSheep View 360
Faroe Islands Blog
Week 10   Veterans Day
Logging onto Google
Penguins and Veterans Day
Week 9 History of Halloween
Birds on a Wire
Week 8   Real or Not? Real or Not?
Week 7   Practice Keyboarding 
Week 6   ResearchAnimal Research
Enchanted Learning
Week 5   KeyboardingSafety Smart Online
Click Clack Moo
Keyboard Adventure
Backspace and Enter
Week 4Digital MediaVan Gogh Sesame Street
Van Gogh Brain Pop
Week 3   Going Places Safely    My Online Neighborhood
Problem Solving
Week 2   Keyboard and the MouseThe Mouse and Pointer
The Keyboard
If you give a mouse an Iphone
Week 1Introduction to Mrs Carey Mrs Carey 2017
Part of the Computer