Post date: Nov 5, 2013 4:41:32 PM

It is too complex to define completely. Whatever I say will just be a tiny part of one aspect of a multifaceted human interaction.

First of all, It is all about giving, You get what you give! is reciprocal, like a mirror. If it is not, it becomes like that. Because It can work only till a certain point if it is not mutual. I remember writing, "Every excitement has a half-life." excitements decay with time... this is true for every single excitement on this planet, and excitements last for a shorter time than we imagine.

But If it is a relationship, isn't it always mutual? - It is. But it is tricky in the sense that... for the same set of people and conditions it can work beautifully or it can be a disaster. It really depends on what kind of "loop" they get themselves into. By loop, I mean a cyclic, spiralical pattern of events. If they enter into a good spiral, it leads to better, to awesomeness to perfection and beauty. Otherwise, it results from bad to worse to tragic. It is like the fate of charged particles in a magnetic field!

I wrote in a different context - "Humans are magnificent hybrids of cruelty and kindness, love and hatred,... and many more such paradoxical extremes. And, yes ! the proportion of one extreme with others keeps changing. so be careful!" That's why I said, both disaster and beauty can happen to the same set of people and conditions. It depends on what they bring forth and flourish in each other. A small trigger can lead to the kind of spirals I am talking about in one way or another. From nothingness, we can create a universe of either beauty or confusion and ugliness.

This spiral loop is like what we call in computer science, an "infinite loop", once you get into such loop, unfortunately, the only solution you are left with is a system reboot. And humans are not as simple as computers to reboot.

Once you enter a spiral, it is really tough to break it out. It's true for either kind of spirals - upwards and downwards. So, If something is lovely, fix sooner if anything goes wrong, take a u-turn immediately, no matter what the reason is. Because once you get yourself into a wrong spiral, Even if you understand everything and can see all events as clear as a crystal !, you may not be able to revert after a point... because it's a different part of human brain that works in parallel and may overrule your another "true" rational part !