Real work

Post date: Feb 18, 2011 3:48:53 AM

Nice weather in NYC after longtime...

Today I volunteered in Habitat for humanity event in NYC. and it feels like doing something real... feels like being a construction worker is far better than working in wallstreet :)

Woke up at the same time as every other day... but... walked for four avenues across NYU in jeans and sneakers that too early morning... and then I realized a different face of NYC. actually... kinda similar but I don't get a chance to walk across city like this. whenever I walk like this I see a different face of the city.

Worked from 9.00 AM till 4.00 PM. mostly painted walls with different colors. The awesome thing is that every evening I feel more tired by sitting on a chair and looking at screens all day...

I know what you are thinking and yes its true. It was a one day thing with no worries and all and can't be compared with the job of a construction worker... but anyway it felt good :) It feels like I did some real work today.