Priorities in life sometimes kill relations

Post date: Jul 26, 2011 2:22:05 AM

Things change with time so do people and so their priorities and relations. In some relations, at their peak it feels like even a life time would be too less... so much to discuss and share with each other that no matter how much time you spend together its never enough.

but strangely the same feelings don't remain life long for all such relations. This peak vanishes sometimes... sometimes very quickly... relations start decaying with time... they also have a half life. As priorities change people don't find it exciting anymore... no more fighting, no more fun. Some relations dies quickly, some continues but just as a formality... Same things which were once most interesting becomes boring. The warmness gets lost somewhere within priorities... bright sunny days goes away and slowly the coldness and then snow covers it.

...but then some remain eternal and sustains the test of time.*

Update: *and they are the one who make relations as their priorities.