It was great to see so much fantastic art work at the Art Opening at the Bixby Library last Monday. The amazing work of the students under the guidance of Ms. Pettibon was great to see in such a public way. 

Lately, we’ve had some discussions as a staff related to levels of discourse. What we mean by that is that how we determine what’s ok to share with whom, when, and how. We have noticed that some students are being frank and occasionally their openness has cause confusion or hurt feelings. We implore students to talk openly and mean what they say, but to remain aware that words, actions and innuendo sometimes carry unintentional weight. 

We’re out and about throughout our programming, whether it’s a walking field trip to the high school for Ag Day, a POPS celebration at the park or golfing during physical education. We implore students to wear sensible shoes. We worked to reduce the impact of the dress code on certain groups more than others. The one recommendation we make is to avoid flip flops as much as possible. Although most students walk in them without problem, we want kids to run, jump, skip and climb. These activities are challenged by flip flops. I understand that they’re easy shoes to wear and do so myself. However, sneakers and sandals that enclose the foot make for a safer game of ultimate frisbee, gaga, or capture the flag. 

Please note that sixth graders will visit the Middle School next Wednesday, May 24 as part of their transition activities.  

- Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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