Please remember that we will be closed on Monday, January 23rd for inservice. 

The quad (area where first and second grade is located) has some interesting things going on with regard to place, home and habitat. Students are exploring these concepts and ascertaining where they fit in. You can see from the pictures that they are learning about layers of human influence as well as habitats for animals.

A quick reminder that there is a unification dance this weekend at VUHS. The dance will feature DJ Bill Clark and the band Discolicious. It runs from 6-9pm and will be in the middle school gym. Use the auditorium entrance.  

We ask students to do a lot, but something we need to value as much is creating. Whether it is inventing a game, carving something from a block, designing patterns for bots or typing words onto a page, it is important to foster opportunities to engage in loosely structured design. Our lives can be rigid and planned. Our timetables fixed around concepts like snack time or music class, but we know that other opportunities are important for eating and music. Snow affords us these opportunities too. Making something from snow is great because it is so ephemeral here. We make snow people, pets, balls, forts and more. All of it fades away, melting into the ground. I wish we had snow…

  • Matthew DeBlois

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