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Grades will be posted most Fridays.  Please check Powerschool for updates.

Our regular schedule for language arts is this:
Monday/Thursday - Writing;
Tuesday/Friday - Reading/ Wednesday - Grammar/Usage, and Mechanics.
We will work on speaking and listening every day.

We've had a great first few days with lots of team building activities and the chance to set up for a new year. 

EVERY NIGHT:  Read for at least 20 minutes.

Friday, June 8
STEP UP.  Parents are welcome to join us in celebrating the transition for students from middle school to high school.  The Step Up Ceremony will take place from 8:30 - 10:00 in the auditorium. 

Thursday, June 7
Field Day!

Monday - Wednesday, June 4 - 6
We'll finish the year by learning about the greatness of the human spirit.  A study of Helen Keller's life and a viewing of "The Miracle Worker" should keep everyone's attention as we finish off the year.  

Thursday and Friday, May 31 and June 1

Wednesday, May 30
None tonight.

Tuesday, May 29
Finish Playskills for our last classic story "Pride and Prejudice".

Friday, May 25
Good weekend!

Thursday, May 24
Be prepared for tomorrow's field trip to Willowell.

Wednesday, May 23
Get Willowell permission slip signed.

Tuesday, May 22
None tonight.  Playskills due.

Monday, May 21
Tom Sawyer - Playskills due Wednesday.  Be ready for HCC tomorrow.

Friday, May 18

Thursday, May 17

Wednesday, May 16
Elaborate upon your NECAP essay.  Make at least 6 changes.

Tuesday, May 15
Be ready for tomorrow's Shakespeare Quiz.

Monday, May 14
None tonight.

Friday, May 11
In-service today.  Enjoy the long weekend.

Thursday, May 10
Finish "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Playskills - if not done in class.
Finalize those sonnets.

Wednesday, May 9
No homework tonight.  Nice job on science NECAPs.

Tuesday, May 8
We'll take a look at sonnets and Packet 1 tomorrow.  

Monday, May 7
What's in YOUR back pocket?
Get a good night's sleep.  I'll continue checking journals this week during NECAP time.  Good luck and work hard on those Science tests.

Friday, May 4

Thursday, May 3
Work on your journal tonight.  They're due Monday.

Wednesday, May 2
Romeo and Juliet sure is fun.
Finish Playskills.  Do the back page correctly to receive a check plus plus.

Tuesday, May 1
Do you have something in your "back pocket"?  Try to memorize at least one line of your Shakespeare monologue.  You'll be asked to read it with expression tomorrow in class.
Also, journals are due.  I'll be looking for 4 book reports and 4 books listed for March and April.  We'll count and see who met the goal of reading 24 books this year.

Monday, April 30
The Play's the Thing!
Finish the questions for "Romeo and Juliet".  Nice job reading today!

Friday, April 20
Enjoy your break!  Enjoy your book!

Thursday, April 19
Finish Oliver Twist PlaySkills

Wednesday, April 18
Skills Sheet 1.  Quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17
Tense worksheet due.

Monday, April 16

Friday, April 13
Did you enjoy the Lyddie movie?
Enjoy your new book.

Thursday, April 12
Charles Dickens Writing Assignment.
Find a good new book.

Wednesday, April 11
Lyddie Unit Test Tomorrow!
Finish Pre-Test.
Poster Project Due.

Tuesday, April 10

Monday, April 9
Be sure to dress warmly for tomorrow's field trip.
Bring lunch and snack.
Poster Project due Thursday.
FYI:  March and April journals will be collected in early May.  Keep writing those book reports!

Friday, April 6
Finish Lyddie!  :)

Thursday, April 5

Wednesday, April 4
Vocabulary worksheet

Monday and Tuesday, April 2 and 3
Read through Chapter 19.
Finish Thoreau worksheet if you didn't finish in class.
Field Trip!

Friday, March 30
Continue reading Lyddie.  Reading Quiz Monday through Chapter 17!

Tuesday - Thursday, March 27 and 29

Monday, March 26
I'm looking forward to learning from students tomorrow.  Have presentations ready!

Friday, March 23
Read through Chapter 12 and study that vocabulary.
Quiz Monday.
We will give oral presentations on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.

Thursday, March 22
Read through Chapter 9 by tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 21
Create the notecards for your presentation.

Tuesday, March 20

Happy first day of Spring.
Finish vocabulary and be prepared for tomorrow's quiz on Chapters 4-7.

Monday, March 19

Friday, March 16
No School Today

Thursday, March 15
Read Chapter 7 and be ready to start projects next week!
Let's have some great student-led conferences!

Wednesday, March 14
Read Chapters 5-6.  (We listened to Chapter 4 in class).

Tuesday, March 13
Quiz on Chapters 1-3 and vocabulary tomorrow.

Monday, March 12
We are preparing for Student-Led Conferences.  Meanwhile, kids are reading Lyddie.  Vocabulary worksheet due tomorrow.

Friday, March 9
Read to Chapter 3 in your new book, Lyddie

Thursday, March 8
Stories due tomorrow.  Research Packet due as well (but I won't check it until Monday - so if you need more time, it's ok).

Wednesday, March 7
Research Project Packet due Friday.

Tuesday, March 6
None tonight.

Monday, March 5
Work on your story! 

Friday, March 2
Great weekend.  Continue working on your story if you like.  We'll finish them up next week.

Thursday, March 1
Is your journal in my box?  Due.

Wednesday, February 29
Happy Leap Day!
Today's editing workshop worked well for students who had their work.  Tonight, complete the Adventure Story Organization Worksheet.  We'll keep working on our stories over the next few days.

Tuesday, February 28
Continue paragraphs 2 and 3 of your adventure story.  
Please place your journal with your two book reports for January and two for February in my box.  I'll be reading through them this week and over the weekend.

Monday, February 27
Welcome back everyone!  We got a great start on our next writing project today.  Five pictures of your state/place and five cited facts were due at the end of class.  Work on paragraph 1 tonight, and we will continue to write our stories in the lab tomorrow.

Friday, February 17
*  Happy Winter Break!! 
*  Read and enjoy your books of choice.
*  Finish your book reports for February. I'll be checking for four book reports (Jan. and Feb.) in early March.
*  Persuasive Essay final grades will be put into PowerSchool over the break.  Students will receive two grades for this assignment as we worked extensively to write good essays and to cite sources and create a bibliography.
*  Mr. Stetzel has added a grade in Language Arts for the Lifeline Activities he provided.
*  If you took extra credit pen pal letters home, please write your response over the break!

Thursday, February 16
In class, you picked a favorite state east of the Mississippi.  Did you get 5 pictures and 5 facts?  Finish setting the scene for your next writing piece.

Wednesday, February 15
You've been working hard.  No homework.

Tuesday, February 14
Put final touches on those essays.

Monday, February 13
We have the world's best students!!  This year's NECAP scores show improvements in reading, writing, and math.  WOW!  Congratulations students!  I also gained a new perspective about our students from the data I gathered in St. Louis. Vergennes' students ROCK!

We continue to work on writing.   For tonight, finish your persuasive essays.  Don't forget to cite sources.  That's a crucial skill to know as you enter high school.

Monday - Friday, February 6-10
I have been selected as one of 60 panelists in the nation to set writing standards for America's Report Card, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in St. Louis.  I will be there all week.  Meanwhile, Mr. Stetzel will be covering my classes, doing some important guidance work, and helping kids set schedules for 9th grade.  On Friday, Curtis Bessette will sub and kids will have time to read for a sustained period. I'll miss everyone, but I will be carefully reading and editing persuasive essays and will return those for finalization next week.  I will still be available through email.  Best!! 

One more note.  In the interest of time, I will check January and February journals in early March.  At that time, I will look for two book reports (which include connections and questions) and two books listed per month.

Friday, February 3
Read lots.  Enjoy your weekends.

Thursday, February 2
Happy Ground Hog Day
Finish drafting persuasive essays.  Due tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 1
Work on draft persuasive essays.

Tuesday, January 31
Complete the Citing Sources Worksheet.

Monday, January 30
OMG!  It's the end of the month.  Work on those two January book reports tonight.  Don't forget to use somebody/wanted/but/so/then to create a good summar, and don't forget to include questions and connections that show critical thinking skills!  We'll talk books again on Friday, and I'll check your journals then.

Friday, January 27
Have good weekends!  I can't wait to hear Monday's debates! :)

Thursday, January 26
If you didn't share your debate today, you will share it on Monday.  Think about the movie clips and the debates we had in class today.  What can you do to make your debate AWESOME?  If you did share, nice job!  Bring a book.  We will REJOICE tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 25
Finish putting together your one minute speech for the debate.  Did you check to see which points your teammates will be sharing?  Did you time yourself to be sure you are sharing new information for a full 1 minute?  Did you practice good diction?  Excited!  

Tuesday, January 24
Complete Venn Diagram comparing Lincoln's real life to what happened in the movie.

Monday = In-service

Friday, January 20
Over this long weekend, finish finding research regarding your debate topic.

Thursday, January 19
Complete Diamante Poems.  Be sure to follow correct diamante form and use at least two new vocabulary words.

Wednesday, January 18
Continue researching your new debate topic!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Complete your cause/effect sentences and Diamante poem.

Monday, January 16, 2012
Happy MLK Day!
Write a story about debating using 10 new terms from the Debate Vocabulary list.

Friday, January 13, 2012
Have a great weekend!  Finish the Lincoln packet if you didn't finish it in class.

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Check out the Lincoln Essay criteria.  Drafts should be submitted to me by next Thursday.  This is voluntary.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
HW:  None tonight.  If you didn't share your debate today, be ready to share on Monday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
The Great Debate is on!  Each student has one question to research to make their point.  We will begin to share debates tomorrow, and we will pick them back up on Monday.  Be sure to have your one minute speech ready for tomorrow.

Monday, January 9, 2012
Research for your debate.

Friday, January 6, 2012
No homework.  Happy weekend.

Thursday, January 5, 2012
Journals due.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
If you did not finish in class yesterday, finish "Manipulating Sentences" at home tonight.
Don't forget that 3 book reports are due on Friday (for November and December) OR talk with me about extra time/alternative assignments.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Welcome Back!!! 
Please bring 3 sharpened pencils to school tomorrow!  I have already had to give away 5 pens.  Ugh.
No homework tonight, but get ready for...

Thursday, December 22
Enjoy every minute of your break.  See you in 2012!

Wednesday, December 21
None tonight.

Tuesday, December 20
Finish the book!!  Unit test tomorrow - including grammar on subject/predicate and fragments, appositives, possession, and commas/conjunctions.  Open book, but NOT open note.  Study the review sheet and be sure to have finished the book!

Monday, December 19
Read to page 108.

Friday, December 16
Have a terrific weekend!

Thursday, December 15
Grammar Packet due tomorrow.  Do you know how to use possessives in your writing?  Quiz tomorrow on possessives and reading through page 88.

Wednesday, December 14
Read to Page 88.

Tuesday, December 13
No HW.  Come to our Expedition 2031 Parent Night!

Monday, December 12
Create your bookmark - How has your dynamic character changed?

Friday, December 9
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, December 8
Continue reading.  I expect all students to be reading on their own.  If a student wishes to use the online audio, great.   Rely on it for pieces, especially when the plot might get confusing, but read along and go back to reading solo.  Don't forget to use reading strategies like questioning and connecting, and take notes if that helps.  The quiz is open book and open note, so if students do the work, they will be successful.

Wednesday, December 7
Quiz postponed to Friday.
Read through page 53 by then.

Tuesday, December 6
Read to page 45 by Thursday.

Monday, December 5
Continue work on Skills Packet #2.  Due Friday.

Friday, December 2
Enjoy your book through page 30. 

Thursday, December 1
Packet due tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 30
Quiz tomorrow.  Be sure you've read to page 16 AND know all vocabulary located on the back of the calendar.

Tuesday, November 29
Today kids were given a calendar with all reading assignments for December.  
Before Thursday's quiz, read through page 16.

Monday, November 28
Packet due Friday.
Reading assignments will begin tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22
None over break - just enjoy!  Read some of your book if you have time.

Monday, November 21
New books.  YAY!  No assignment until after the break, but if you want to get started, go right ahead!
HW:  Make up any 0's.  Now please!  :)

Friday, November 18
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 17
Whatcha reading?  Bring your book tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 16
Finish drafting haiku and cinquain poems.  Be sure to use sensory imagery.  We'll type them up tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 15
If, for some reason, I still do not have your final job description and friendly letter, please share them with me on google docs tonight.  :)

Monday, November 14
We are continuing to revise job descriptions and friendly letters for Expedition 2031.  
No homework tonight, but tomorrow we'll do final edits and self-assess.

Friday, November 11
Have a great weekend.  Read!  Are you going to the summer reading activity night at the Vergennes Opera House?  If you read at least one book during the summer, you're invited!

Thursday, November 10
Friendly letters due tomorrow.  Check your google docs for the format.

Wednesday, November 9

Finish job descriptions and get my letter to parents signed tonight.
Journals will be checked tomorrow and Friday.

Tuesday, November 8

Continue brainstorming about what you're placing on expedition templates. 

Monday, November 7
You need 2 book reports, 2 books listed, and Freak questions complete.  I'll check them Thursday and Friday.

Friday, November 4
No school.  In-service day today.

Thursday, November 3.
Find a great new book to enjoy in November.

Wednesday, November 2
We finished the book today. Yippee!  Did you start, SUSTAIN, and finish? 
Review the book for tomorrow's test.  If you read and did all assignments and activities, you will do well!

Tuesday, November 1
Finalize the scene you have visualized while reading.  Be sure to include color, detail, a quoted caption, effort, name, title, and date.  Finish Chapters 20-22.

Monday, October 31
Happy Halloween!!!
No homework tonight.

Friday, October 28
Enjoy Chapters 14-16.  Hey!  We already listened to and read along to Chapters 14 and 15, so just read Chapter 16.  I'll give you time Monday to finish the questions.  We are more than halfway finished with this book.  WOW! 

Thursday, October 27
Reading Strategy - Exhibit 3.  Defining vocabulary using context clues.  Read Chapters 11-13.

Wednesday, October 26
Reading Strategy - Exhibit 2.  Finding the main idea.  Read Chapters 8-10.  Can you start, sustain, and finish??

Tuesday, October 25
Reading Strategy - Exhibit 1.  Using an informational chart to gather book information.
Read Chapters (they're short!!) 5-7.  Begin questions.  I'll give you some time in class to complete them.

Monday, October 24
Finish those grammar packets from last week.  I'll collect them tomorrow.
We've started a new book, Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick.  Our learning target for the next 10 days is "I can start, sustain, and finish an awesome book!"
Read Chapters (they're short!) 1-4 tonight.  I'll give you the first 10 minutes of each class to write questions and answers in journals.

Friday, October 21
No school today.

Thursday, October 20
Welcome parents!

Wednesday, October 19
None tonight.  The grammar packet will be due next Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 18
Finish completing your student-led conference reflection for language arts.

Monday, October 17
Finish your 5 paragraph essay.  Be sure to check it against the checklist.  Tomorrow you'll write your reflections based on it and what you've learned from writing it and other 5 paragraph essays these last few weeks.

Friday, October 14
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 13
Finish finalizing your 5 paragraph essay.

Wednesday, October 12
None - Happy NECAPs.  (Bring your outline, introductory and 2nd paragraph of "Gazpacho" to class tomorrow).

Tuesday, October 11
None - Happy NECAPs.

Monday, October 10
You created an outline in class today for "Gazpacho".
Be prepared to turn in your 1) outline; 2) introductory paragraph, and 3) paragraph 2 on Thursday.
Best of luck with math and writing NECAPs over the next few days!!

Friday, October 7
Finish writing the introductory paragraph for a 5 paragraph essay on "Gazpacho."  This is good practice for the NECAP Extended Writing Test which will take place on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 6
Finish preparing writing logs.
Journals will be LATE if not turned in tomorrow.

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 4 and 5
No homework.

Monday, October 3
It's a new month, and I collected journals today.  If yours was not ready, please finish your book reports and book list tonight and submit it to my "in" box in the morning.

I'll be busily reading journals while students take the Reading and Math NECAPs this week.

There will be no homework on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Get a good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast, and know you can DO it.  Take your time tomorrow and just give those assessments your very best effort.

Friday, September 30

Thursday, September 29
Finish Reading NECAP Practice #2 (for Monday) 

Wednesday, September 28
Finalize Book Report #2.  I'll check for both book reports at the beginning of next week.

Tuesday, September 27

Nice job completing the NECAP practice test today.
No homework.

Monday, September 26
No homework. 

Congratulations to all students who stood up and recited the Prefix Rap today at Community Meeting.  That was cool!

Friday, September 23
Did you have fun hearing the authors speak today?  Did you win anything at the Summer Reading Raffle?  Finalize book report #1.  I will check for two September book reports in early October.

Thursday, September 22
Finish the NECAP Practice Packet.

Wednesday, September 21
None tonight.

Tuesday, September 20
NECAP Practice Packet Questions 1-7.

Monday, September 19
Use the checklist to rewrite and resubmit your Vignette.  Pay close attention to what's expected - especially now that you're in 8th grade!  :)

Friday, September 16

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 15
Draft 2 (we'll call it a final draft for now) Vignette due tomorrow.  You will be required to staple draft 1 to draft 2 to show revisions.

MANY students really challenged themselves and received a 100% homework grade today for memorizing parts of the prefix song.  Good job!!  I hope a number of kids will perform the rap at next week's community meeting!  For students who were not able to memorize, please complete the fill-in-the- blank worksheet to earn some credit.

Wednesday, September 14

Prefix song DUE.

Tuesday, September 13
I look forward to seeing some parents tonight at Back To School Night!
HW:  Memorized Prefix chorus and verse due Thursday.  I plan to take my lyrics along and memorize as we walk up to Silver Lake.  Bring yours along if you like.

Monday, September 12
HW:  Draft vignette.  Keep working on that prefix song.  You'll need to know the chorus and one verse by Thursday.

Friday, September 9
Some HW due dates are being pushed back.  :)
Draft vignettes will be checked on Tuesday (because we have something special planned for Monday!)
Know at least one verse and the chorus of the prefix song by Thursday (because we'll hike Silver Lake on Wednesday).  
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8
Draft Vignette with description of the value that matters most to you - due Monday.
Keep learning the Prefix Song!
We will REJOICE (reading, journal, conference) tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 7
Summer journals were collected and graded yesterday.  
Learn the whole


and earn an extra credit homework grade. 

Download song.

Everyone will be expected to learn at least one verse by the end of next week.
HW:  Complete the prefix packet we worked on in class. 

Tuesday, September 6
Read your book for at least 20 minutes (or 20 pages - whichever comes first).

Friday, September 2
The skyscraper competition rocked, and we spent a quick class in the library.
1.  Finish filling out the sheet which tells which book you're reading, why you chose it, and two books you have on deck. 
2.  Be ready to share reading journals on Tuesday.  These will include your four book reports from the summer.  I suggest having a dedicated reading journal in the form of a composition book.  You can staple your book reports in there for now and use it for the rest of the year to keep track of books and reading.
3.  Have a great long weekend!

Thursday, September 1

I sure had fun today.  We have the GREATEST students!
We set up writing logs in class. 
No homework.  Just be sure those reading journals (separate from the writing log) are ready to turn in on Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 31
YAY!!  First Day of School!!
Get guidelines signed tonight. 
Show off your new planner.
This week will be all about getting back into the routine.  I'll collect summer assignments next week, so be READY.  Also, we'll hand out raffle tickets to all those who completed four book reports.

This letter was sent through the U.S. Mail.  If you have any questions, please email me.


June 23, 2011


Dear Team Endeavor Students and Families,


I hope you are enjoying every bit of summer!  Here at school, teachers have been enthusiastically planning for next year. In order to further nurture our community of readers, this letter explains your summer reading assignment.  It is an extension of the journaling we did this past year.   Students are required to read two books and write two book reviews per month during the months of July and August.  Not only will this work help students practice and improve important academic skills, it will give students the opportunity to begin this year’s work toward meeting the Vermont state standard which requires middle school students to read at least 24 books per year.


This year we are offering the second annual Summer Reading Raffle.  This raffle is open to students entering 7th-9th grades.  We have some very exciting prizes this year.  Everyone who participates will be invited to a dance party with a DJ and pizza.  Also, we will raffle off a Kindle book reader, VUHS clothing, gift certificates to local businesses and more! For every book read and book review written, students will receive one raffle ticket.  Students can earn an unlimited number of raffle tickets but will only get a ticket for books which have been reviewed. 


Take a look at the attached assignment details, drafting template, sample book review, and suggestions for reading.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at  This assignment is also posted on my website at under the middle school/Endeavor link.


I look forward to seeing everyone again at the end of August.  Happy Reading!





Monica McEnerny


Team Endeavor

Summer 2011 Reading Assignment


  1. Students are required to read at least 4 new books of their choice this summer.  If you’re not sure what to read, please see the attached suggestions.


  1. For each of the 4 (or more!) books read, write a short book review.  Please use the “Somebody(characters)/Wanted(goals)/But(conflict)/

Then(detail)/So(resolution)” structure we used last year to create a clear summary.  You may use the template below, but then write out your summary in paragraph form. 


  1. After the summary, write a recommendation.  Who would enjoy this book?  Why?


  1. After the recommendation, rate the book.  One star = poor.  Five stars = terrific. 


  1. Be sure to write your name and the month you read the book. 


  1. That’s it! I will collect reviews during the first week of school and students will earn a summer journal grade. You are welcome to use a new composition book, or just write on lined paper and we can paste the reviews into composition books here at school. 


  1. Remember:  For every good quality book review written, students will receive one raffle ticket. 



Sample Book Review


The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

By Avi



This book tells the story of Charlotte Doyle, a 13 year old girl who boards a ship called the Seahawk in 1832 for a voyage from England to her home in Providence, Rhode Island. Raised in an upper-class family, Charlotte says, in the beginning, that she wants to be a lady.  At first she is devastated by the horrible conditions on the ship and thinks of the crew as her inferiors. Captain Jaggery is the only person Charlotte can relate to, and early in the voyage she meets Zachariah, an old African cook who becomes her protector.  As the book progresses, Charlotte slowly mingles with the crew and becomes a sailor. She is even forced to take sides in a mutiny and later voted by the crew as the new captain.  When the Seahawk finally lands in Providence, Rhode Island, Charlotte’s family is unwilling to believe her story, and they disapprove of Charlotte's outlandish tales. Eventually she decides to leave her family and return to life at sea, the place where she now believes is her home.


I would recommend this book to anyone interested in seafaring adventures and stories of survival.  The plot gives a harsh look at how it would be to become a sailor, and its dynamic main character shows courage and perseverance in order to survive. 


Rating:  Five Stars


Reviewed by Monica McEnerny

For the Month of June


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