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Ms. McGrath - Language Arts


Hi all,
I've found that Google Drive is a better place to post documents for class. Head on over there to print any missing papers or to see the day's agenda, etc. Parents, ask your students to sign on to their Google account and open the "Drive" if you'd like to see the documents and class agendas for our recent work.

Our focus in this class is improving your reading and writing skills. The bulk of your reading will be independent choice, but we will also be reading about topics as varied as Greek Mythology and the Cultural Revolution in China, among others. We will work on a variety of writing genres such as argument, informative, and narrative.

Year-Long Guiding Question: How do people use language to influence others?

Unit One: Mechanics, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling review--the parts of speech

Learning Targets:
  • I can identify and define noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, and adverb.
  • I can use my understanding of the parts of speech to enhance my own writing.

Unit Two: The Adolescent Odyssey

Learning Ta
  • I can identify write about a personal experience.
  • I can use sensory details in my writing.
  • I can use sensory details in my writing
  • I can plan, revise, edit, and rewrite my narrative essay.

Unit Three: Elements of Fiction/Short stories

Grammar Learning Targets
  • I can explain the function of phrases and clauses in general and their function in specific sentences.
  • I can identify fragments and run-on sentences and correct them in my own writing.
  • I can write and correctly punctuate simple, compound, and complex sentences.
  • I can use commas correctly in series, to separate adjectives, and to create complex sentences.

Elements of Fiction Learning Targets

  • I can define plot, conflict, setting, point of view, protagonist, antagonist, and theme.
  • I can explain the 5 plot points of a story.
  • I can explain the 4 different types of conflict in stories.
  • I can use textual evidence to support my analysis of the text.

Unit Four: China's Cultural Revolution and China today