Ms. McGrath - Language Arts

Parents, now you can access class documents at the bottom of the page. Documents will be added as I create them and the class uses them.

Our first unit of 8th grade addresses the idea of "mindset." Stanford University professor Dr. Carol Dweck has a great deal of research in the area of mindset, and how our mindset affects or guides our behavior, motivation, achievement and more. Students will learn about growth versus fixed mindset and reflect on how these different mindsets affect their lives. Some learning targets for this unit are:

  • I can explain the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset.

  • I can read about a variety of different people who have demonstrated growth and fixed mindset.

  • I can apply the definitions of growth and fixed mindset to myself, and write a short biographical paragraph about how these mindsets are present in my life.

  • I can revise and edit a piece of writing.

As part of the mindset unit, students participated in "The Great Smarties Challenge of 2014." Students had the opportunity to set goals and reflect on their mindset throughout the process. Here's a look at the activity:


I've also finally figured out how to share Google Drive documents directly on this site. Now parents and students alike can access class documents by using the links below. These documents will update as I add more throughout the year.

Language Arts Class Documents