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Word Processing

Google has a word processor that will store your work on the web. The real advantages to this type of word processor are that documents can be opened on any computer that has a web browser connected to the internet, no matter what type of computer is in use. By sharing privileges to your document with others, many people can add or edit your work. It is easy to make comments on the side to the work as well. Online collaboration occurs very easily and hopefully, will make for more efficient use of resources, time and paper! Documents are saved automatically and can be downloaded from the web if the document needs to be kept on a computer as well.

While the toolbar is not as rich as Microsoft Word, it does offer enough options to have a easy to read document.
If you upload a .pdf to your documents and ask it to be translated into text to edit, this can now occur. If you scan a document on the copier and have it emailed to you, that document will show up as a .pdf in your mail program.