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November 28, 2016

The Buses Have Climbed Shellhouse Mountain and are now cruising down to FCS!!! Help the buses come home!

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From the PTO:

Thank you so much to all the families, staff and companies that have already donated to our "Restore Our Field Trips" bus fundraiser!  Check out the front door for our current tally of donations - we are on the move!!  If you haven't done so, please consider sending in your donation and bus so we can meet our fundraising goals and get a field trip for your kid's class this year.   We are extending the deadline for donations through next week to allow everyone to have a chance to participate.  Thank you!!

Also, please remember that we're set up with the AmazonSmile Foundation now - they will donate .5% of your Amazon purchase total directly to the PTO  (no additional charge to you!)  It couldn't be easier-   just start your Amazon shopping with this link:   https://smile.amazon.com/ch/81-3896154     Please use it and share it!

If your company does matching grants for donations or you would like a donation confirmation letter for your tax deductions, please contact us.


On November 22, we had our first school-wide STARS celebration to celebrate filling the "F" in FCS. When students exemplify STARS (Safe, Truthful, Accountable, Reliable, Super citizen) teachers put a star in the class star jar.

When the class star jar fills, we turn one more light bulb on the FCS in the cafeteria and have a school wide celebration when all the bulbs in the F are turned on. For our first celebration students rotated from classroom to classroom to play Twister, have in indoor snowball fights, sing Karaoke, do physical challenges and just plain dance (among other things). Congratulations FCS students for being stars.                                                              

Have you ever tried to balance a cookie on your face? It's not easy!


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FCS is the pot of gold!

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Nothing is more fun (or more nutritious) than an FCS lunch. Families please feel free to come and have lunch with your students. Call the morning of and then just sign in at the office. The cost of adult lunch is $5 and it is well worth it.

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Important Upcoming Dates

December 2 - Report Cards go home

December 2 - Tot Gym 9:00-10:30

December 2 - 5-6 Scary story night 8:00 - 9:30

December 12 - PTO meeting

December 22 - last day for 2016 school - grades 5 & 6 on field trips

January 2 - No School

January 3 -  Back at School

January 16 - MLK - No School

January 20 - Winter Concert

January 23 - No School Inservice


Pennies from Heaven? No...these clever students won $5 from the monthly drawing from the cohort of Wednesday Banking Day:

Rory Couture - October

Octavia Devine - November

The Y is offering vacation camp in Ferrisburgh during the February and April break and have a range of specialty camp days during many of our inservice days. If interested please check it out at www.gbymca.org

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First grade authors! A group of 5 girls are writing adventure stories in Ms. Papin’s class.


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This week in grades 5 and 6 we have been structural engineers! Students designed buildings and tested their stability as the buildings went through a 7 magnitude earthquake on a shake table.  They then improved on their design and tested them again. Imagine they did all this with tooth picks, marshmallows, paperclips, foam, craft sticks, and tape!

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Chief Merkel and Bill Scott from the Knights of Columbus came to FCS on THursday to announce the annual substance abuse awareness poster contest for students between the ages of 8 and 14. Entries are due by January 25. The entry form and instructions were passed out during the presentation, but we have more entry forms if students need them.

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FCS students have been highly successful with the contest in the past, and it looks like a large part of our 3-6th graders are interested in participating this year as well.

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Open Gym for K - 2nd graders at Vergennes Elementary School

This co-ed, non-competitive program, provides K-2nd graders from Addison, Ferrisburgh and Vergennes with an opportunity to learn the game of basketball, and enjoy playing while making new friends.  This program will emphasize basic basketball skills and sportsmanship in a fun environment where everyone's achievement is recognized, big or small.

We will be meeting every Saturday beginning January , 7 through February 11, 2017 from 9-10AM located at the Vergennes Union Elementary School.

Please contact Jen Russell at  802-349-4051 or jrussell@onecu.org for a registration form.

Deadline date to register is December 15th.

Registration forms and more detailed information attached.

STILL WANTED:  If anyone has any bean bag chairs or other small comfy seating they are looking to get rid of, the after school program would love to have a few comfy spots for when kids need a break.

Students in Alison Parsons Enrichment class combine art and geography resulting in bright (and educational) hallways.

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