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February 10th, 2017

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WOKO’s Sara Spencer and Jackie Woodwell from the Vermont Children’s hospital came to talk to students about the important work the Vermont Children’s Hospital does every day to help Vermont families.

Please help your students to gather up loose change to donate to the Vermont Children’s Hospital thought the BIg Change Roundup.

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How do we use that technology at FCS? 💻 💻 💻

As our students (and teachers become more proficient with the

latest technologies, their products are looking polished and their presentations interesting.

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In Judy Elson’s science class, 5th and 6th grade students created brochures about the elements. They learned about science, history,

and graphic design with the project.

In Peter Stapleford’s class. Students studied historical figures and presented to the class. Their slides and presentations were


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While in 1st grade students learn independently in small group work.

A Patriots Flash mob!!!

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Ms. Papin’s class Flashmobbed the 3/4 class with a Patriot’s

celebration for their star jar celebration. Great balloons! Go Pats!

Hands on learning in grades 3 & 4

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In the 3/4  classroom this week, a hands on learning project for

bridge strength engaged the students in physics.

The project had students test three different kinds of bridges: arch,

pillar and suspension. Depending on the model they built

determined the strength with their challenge being hold as many

pennies as you can and then explain why it failed when it failed.

Some students were able to add more than 150 pennies… sign

those kiddos up for MIT please!

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Ms. Robinson helps students test a pillar bridge.

From Ms. Weston: We would love to have the Ferrisburgh

Community sing and be involved in the FCS spring concert. We

are looking for singers, drummers. Or guitar players. If you are interested, please open up the music attachment in the backpack for more information and contact her ASAP.

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Four winds volunteers Melissa DeBlois and Daniela Michaels teach science to the 5/6 team.


February 13 - PTO meeting

February 16 - 6th grade sleepover

February 17 - 11:30 release for inservice

February 20-24 - mid-winter break

March 2 - Basketball Potluck Dinner at 6:00

PTO Spring Fundraiser!!!!

Seeking Items and Services for PTO Spring Fundraiser

The FCS PTO is looking for items or services for our online silent auction.  If you have a product or a skill that you are willing to donate, please contact us at fcspto@gmail.com.  Maybe you can offer a couple hours of carpentry, plumbing or landscaping services.  Perhaps you put Martha Stewart to shame and can bake a killer apple pie or can bedazzle a pair of jeans like nobody's business.  Whatever your skill, how about offering it up for auction?  Afraid you don't have a skill or talent to share?  No problem!  You can still help us out by getting donations from others.  Many hand will make light work and hopefully lots of money!


Ms. Robinson, Ms. Pierce, Ms. Rusik and Ms. Pudvar’s classes all filled their star jar...Way to go...we’re making great progress on filling that C on the cafeteria FCS!



FCS Basketball End of Season Potluck Dinner!

Thursday, March 2nd at 6pm

Please bring the following to share:

3/4 Boys - Salad or Main Dish

3/4 Girls - Salad or Main Dish

5/6 Boys - Dessert

5/6 Girls - Drinks

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Sue Bergmans & Cathy Reitz

Integrated learning is alive and well at FCS!!

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In Ms. Parson’s enrichment class, 5/6  students created banners to represent African symbols from countries they studied in social studies class. This also integrates with the January 4th trip to the Flynn to see Mother Africa—Khayelitsha, an African Dance troupe.

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Speaking of integrated learning the whole school will be participating in learning about the birds of Ferrisburgh and their habitat as part of the school-wide theme “We Are Ferrisburgh”. The speakers who will be visiting FCS and materials for birdhouses are being funded by a grant from the Otter Creek Audubon Society. Thank you to the grant committee for approving our grant.



Attention Student savers...don’t forget that Wednesdays are banking days!



Vergennes Area Youth League registration is now open for tee ball, softball, and baseball.   Register now before it closes.  Registration closes March 4, 2017.  Please see attachment in the backpack with details on how to register.

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We have been given a federal Grant for “Fresh Fruits and Veggies”. This grant allows students to try new and different kinds of produce that might be too expensive to serve as part of our regular program. Fresh blackberries, blood oranges from Spain and other interesting fruits and vegetables will be part of a “try it” snack that will be offered to all students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For most grades these are served later in the afternoon with the purpose of introducing our students to a wide range of interesting fruits and vegetables. There is an information sheet about the new foods and students can rate the foods as well. What a great way to learn and be healthy!