November 2013







Ferrisburgh Central School

Board of Directors’ Meeting

Thursday, November 14, 2013

6:30 PM

FCS Art Room





Board                                      Administration                                    Guests/Visitors

D. Tatlock                                W. Howe                                             Gerry Blair                

B. Clark                                   K. Cannon                                           Lou McLaren  

C. Kayhart                               J. Taft-Blakely                                     Michelle Ayer

K. Boyle                                                                                              Hannah Lucarelli

J. Gramling                                                                                          Bob McNary



Call to Order:

            The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chair Tatlock.


Approval of Minutes:

Motion was made by B. Clark, seconded by C. Kayhart, to approve the minutes of the October 10, 2013 meeting.  It was noted of a couple of typos on page 1 (L. McLaren’s name) and on page 2 (Superintendent’s report – “his”).  So voted and motion carried with the corrections.


Public Communication:

B. McNary stated the Ferrisburgh Energy Committee submitted a letter to the Board offering to expend time and energy to bring information to the Board about solar options.  Business Manager Cannon reported that Norm Etkind, School Energy Management Program Director at the VT Superintendents’ Association (VSA), had recommended that supervisory unions wait on solar projects at this time because more incentives are coming from the state.  B. Clark stated he would prefer purchasing over leasing.  Motion was made by B. Clark, seconded by K. Boyle, to accept the Ferrisburgh Energy Committee’s offer and request financial models on solar projects.  So voted and motion carried.


L. McLaren suggested the Board get more information on the reluctances from the VSA on solar.


L. McLaren stated she participated in the one hour webinar on the Common Core Standards that was put on by the VT Family Network.  She had a couple questions as a result of her participation.  1) Could the school consider an educational outreach to families to make them more familiar with the Common Core?  2) Is FCS “well into” the Common Core?

Principal Taft-Blakely reported they have invested at least the last two years into the Common Core.  Curriculum had been revised last year and currently still revising curriculum.  Teachers and administrators have received training.  W. Howe stated the Common Core skills are about on track as best as they can be at this time and the “Learning Targets” are available on the ANWUS website.


L. McLaren asked what the intentions for 5/6 next year were and would like to have the information shared.  Discussion ensued about the history of classes on sizes and combinations.  Chair Tatlock asked the Principal to bring class configurations for next year to the December meeting.


Educational Presentation:

Speech and Language Services Overview – H. Lucarelli introduced herself as the SLP.  She is employed at .85 FTE and has been at FCS for five year.  She described her position duties as working with students, performing evaluations and attending IEP/504 meetings.


Reports to the Board:

Board Member Reports/Comments – K. Boyle received a message from a community member stating the November agenda was not posted on the website.  G. Martin stated she would look into why it wasn’t posted.


Chair Tatlock reported he had visited the Senior Housing in Vergennes with K. Cannon and J. Taft-Blakely to view the pellet system.  Principal Taft-Blakely reported David Frank from Sunwood will be conducting a walk-thru at FCS and will invite him to the January meeting.  Discussion ensued about what to do next.  Consensus was to plan to gather information by the spring and make a decision what to do next then.


Principal’s Report – Principal Taft-Blakely reported the following:

-          Traffic Flow – would like to include the findings of this report at a future meeting.

-          Community Forum – a copy of the notes from the meeting were distributed

-          Harvest Dinner – had a great turnout!

-          School Emergency Response Team – A meeting on October 22 was held with local emergency responders and school personnel to discuss the needs of the schools during an emergency.  The group is planning to meet again on November 19 to continue this discussion.


Superintendent’s Report – W. Howe reported the following on behalf of Superintendent O’Brien:

-          FY ’15 budget preparations have been worked on this past month with all schools.

-          A meeting to start planning teacher negotiations occurred last week.

-          Wellness Policy is in review.

-          Superintendent O’Brien has been in Montpelier speaking on State mandates and burdens on schools.


Business Manager’s Report – Business Manager Cannon reported the following:

-          The auditors have stated their agreement to allow K. Cannon to become a signer on the FCS account.  Motion was made by C. Kayhart, seconded by J. Gramling, to approve K. Cannon as a signer to the FCS account.  So voted and motion carried.

Action Items:

Business Matters – Approval of Bills and Directors’ Orders:  Motion was made by K. Boyle, seconded by B. Clark, to approve the bills in the amount of $194,762.42.  So voted and motion carried.


Policy Matters – None this evening.


Personnel – Principal Taft-Blakely requested an executive session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter.


Other – None this evening.


Discussion Items:

1.       Community Forum – was discussed and reviewed during the Principal’s report.

2.      Second Draft of FY ’15 Budget – Draft includes the following:

-          Review of the Special Education Assessment (Special Ed. will be under the SU budget starting in FY ’15) – based on equalized pupils

-          Health insurance at a 4.5% increase

-          Dental insurance at a 3% increase (not final)

-          Support Staff salaries with a 3.25% increase (per contract)

-          Maintenance

§  Security upgrades – FOB system ($20,000), protection film for the windows ($20,000).  Board would like more information on the protection film before agreeing to the need.

-          Increase in the treasurer’s stipend

-          Audit fee has been moved to under the SU assessment

-          Increase of Food Service subsidy

Total increase of 8.40%.


Future Agenda Items:

-          Technology Presentation (December)

-          David Frank, Sunwood (January)


Next Meeting Dates:

            Discussion to reschedule the next FCS Board meeting due to conflicts on December 12. 


            ANWSU Board Meeting        November 20, 2013    6:30 p.m.         VUHS Library

            FCS Board Meeting                December 18, 2013    6:30 p.m.         FCS


Executive Session:

Motion was made by C. Kayhart, seconded by B. Clark, to go into executive session at 8:50 p.m. for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter.  So voted and motion carried.


Motion was made by C. Kayhart, seconded by J. Gramling, to return to the open meeting at 9:00.  So voted and motion carried.


The Board returned to Open Session at 9:00 with a motion to increase the hours per week on Martha Kenfield’s contract as the Food Service Secretary to 25 hours per week.  Motion was made by J. Gramling, seconded by C. Kayhart.  So voted and motion carried.



Motion was made by B. Clark, seconded by J. Gramling, to adjourn the meeting at 9:03 p.m. with no further business to be discussed.  So voted and motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,


Glory Martin

Recording Secretary