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    This coming week marks the start of the ANWSU Fine Arts Festival. This event transpires bi-annually to highlight the work of students K-12 in plastic and performing arts. Clay work, drawings, painting, theatrical performance, vocal and instrumental music will be performed and guided by individuals who meet every student K-6 everyday and many of those in grades 7-12. Our instructors in music and art meet with every student in the building. They instruct overtly artistic concepts like perspective, vanishing lines, rhythm, and shading. They too teach cultural competency, aesthetic value and perhaps most importantly the desire to try new things. Picking up an instrument, sculpting clay and attempting to draw in three dimensions are challenging for any of us. The pilot and narrator of The Little Prince ceased his artistic career because adults tried to interpret rather than appreciate. I request two things. One, thank Ms. Dunham and Ms. Parsons for their work with all the students of Addison Central School. Two, appreciate the art. Drawing, singing, sculpting and playing are the sparks of creativity that we need to keep into adulthood. It cultivates our problem solving and inspires an entrepreneurial spirit.

- Matthew DeBlois


ANWSU Fine Arts Festival 2015

The biannual ANWSU district arts festival will take place April 1st and 2nd in the gymnasium at VUHS. This event features art from every elementary student in the district as well as some selective middle school and high school work. This years topic is 2015 -Celebrate the Year of the Arts in conjunction with 2015's Vermont Arts Council's theme. ACS students will visit the show on Thursday afternoon from 1-1:45. There will be demonstrating artists and "talking paintings" to provide a student friendly, interactive festival. Wednesday night will feature a concert for band and chorus students grades 5--8. Art is available for viewing on Wednesday from 8:30-4pm, and then 5pm until after the concert. On Thursday the show is open from 8:30- 3:30. We look forward to a great community turn-out. Celebrate the Arts at ANWSU!

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