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This week at ACS...   

    Music class is pictured below. To expound, students brought their netbooks to complete musical research. This task required that students choose from a series of websites to focus on the music of a particular culture. Students were asked to appropriately derive content from websites, collaborate across the google suite and explore the web in a supervised and purposeful way. These types of assignments move the scale from substitution to redefinition in terms of technological integration. This also allowed students to differentiate by content and work on their personal interests. Students explored the cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Egypt and more. 

    I recently discussed electronic device limits with sixth grade students for their upcoming trip. Their candor, perspective and ideas were very interesting. Rationalizing with this age group is not always known for its positive outcomes. The students were encouraged to come up with some limits and email them to me. To date, I received one, but the students continue to engage in conversations about appropriate public use of electronics. It’s fascinating. 

    Students will celebrate Memorial Day with an assembly explaining the genesis and rationale. We encourage you to further this education at home and ask what they learned as a result of the endeavor. These important events and celebrations help to form the fabric of our cultural legacy.  

-Matthew DeBlois

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