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    Please note that both Monday, November 23 and Tuesday, November 24 are student half days. We will not be issuing a newsletter next week.

    Our annual Thanksgiving Feast was this past Wednesday. We were very pleased to have some friends, neighbors, parents, grandparents and others join us for this special event. Thank you also to those who helped us with everything from cooking to serving including Carmen Jochum, Alyce Lane, Shirley Andrews, Kim Vincent, Jeff Kauffman, Damian Kauffman, Dale Lane, Pastor Steve Payne, Mrs. Chamberlin, and our student helpers. Thank you also to Olivia’s Croutons of New Haven for their stuffing donation, Misty Knoll for their donation of turkey and Shaw's of Vergennes for their donation as well. 

    Students and adults need to be able to generate ideas, collaborate on projects and read infographics. Here’s a way that our kindergartners  are looking at quantity, patterns and developing fine motor skills. 

  ACS Board Chair Kelly has provided a letter regarding an upcoming meeting on Act 46 that will occur on Wednesday, December 1, 2015 here at Addison Central School. Please read the attached letter for additional information. 

   There seems to be mounting pressure to work more efficiently, complete more of this and get faster at that whether at school or work. I encourage you over the coming break to work less efficiently when it comes to kids, get less stuff done and do it slower. The time that we have is finite. Find something new or rekindle something that you used to do. Something as simple as spending time in a car does not need to lack for family time. I often find myself thinking what do I need to do next; I did so this morning when I dropped my youngest off at school. I intend to slow down a bit this upcoming break. I think it will be good to reconnect.

    This is a small piece of a 2/3 assignment. It teaches quality non-fiction reading, writing without retelling, and also empathizing. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is not always easy for our students. This kind of experience allows them to practice and react.

- Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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