Addison Central School

Respect - Responsibility - Growth - Safety

   There are a set of skills identified by the state of Vermont as Transferable Skills. These skills are divided into proficiencies and performance indicators. Many of these skills were on display at the Talent Show. We expect that students will: “Demonstrate…expressive… communication, including oral, written… and performance. (1e) Persevere in challenging situations.(2h) Participate in and contribute to the enhancement of community life. (4a) ” Whether a performer or an audience member, our students and community members sang, played, danced and performed for an authentic audience in a very public way. The audience was respectful of the effort and range of their peers. The students who performed did so solo or in small groups, some for the first time in their lives. Seeing the students on stage assures that our community is a safe place to try new skills. 

    What do Chrome Books, fake mustaches and spelling inventories have in common? They make up part of our action plan, albeit some more explicitly than others. We worked recently on our action plan to make it a living and comprehensive document that helped to outline our work and priorities over the next few years. Gone are the days of one-size fits all education. We no longer can afford to treat all students the same. We know too much about learning and brain-development to tell ourselves that. We want to work with students, understand and cultivate their hopes and dreams and offer them multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning. Pop quizzes, notebook checks, graded for completion homework and assessing for compliance do not help students tell what they know and can do. Our action plan helps our school community move forward together.

                                                                        -Matthew DeBlois

Spirit Week!

The week after break is Spirit Week. Here are the theme days:

Monday - Hat day

Tuesday - Fake mustache and glasses day

Wednesday - Zany socks and hair day

Thursday - Black and White  day

Friday - Students dress up, staff dress down day

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