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    “Oh no! It went sideways. Ok. We gotta fix this side.”

“Let’s try this again, then.”

“Try it again.”

“Try it again. Let me try again. Come on.”

“I think I made the wheels too puffy.”

“There it goes.”

This was a partial transcript from a video. It is a fantastic example of trial and error. A simple task, a set of rules, some materials and the expectation of success checked by iterative failure. It was an engineering project in Mrs. Beebe’s class. The girls in the video accepted failure as a key to determine increased levels of success. Growth means many things for us at ACS. It’s one of our guiding principles. You can see the fauna demonstrating success in that venue as well. The initial photo was taken on Monday and the latest on Thursday. We anticipate that by the end of next week the swallows will be laying eggs.

    Book making happened this past week. The kindergarten was joined by some of the fifth grade students and a few of the new students who will be joining us in the fall. The event was fabulously organized by Deb Chamberlin and Sheryl Thurber. 

    Report cards will come home in two short weeks. They mean something, but they don’t mean everything. We talk a lot about respect, responsibility and safety, but reporting is about growth. Sometimes it’s obvious. It’s a pair of birds making a nest over the course of a week - you start with nothing but mud and end up with a nest. Sometimes it’s not so overt. It might be increasing stamina in independent reading, more fact fluency or even pen grip. You can typically tell when a person you have seen in a while loses a lot of weight, but if you see them everyday it’s harder to ascertain. Think of how your student was at the beginning of the year and now. It’s so amazing, the growth they’ve made. 

Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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