Addison Central School

    Students demonstrate proficiencies in many ways. Some ably demonstrate technological knowledge when presented with challenges. Some perform artistically with poise and grace. Students read voraciously to further understanding and comprehend deeply the conceptual framework of the author’s message and meaning. Students write well to a variety of audiences and purposes. Many students orally communicate effectively for advocacy, explanation and argument. Some students approach problems and investigations clinically to help themselves and others. Students take part in our community whether it is through little league, Green Up, or another community endeavor. Students also research issues and problems that impact them, their families, friends and others to further understanding. Most importantly, students learn about themselves, their strengths and challenges, and use the information to create goals, inform plans and celebrate themselves. These are the goals that students will work on all through our system at ACS and then VUHS. Students need to demonstrate proficiencies in these areas. We aim as a Supervisory Union to celebrate these successes, build upon the strengths of our students and families, and build structures to support student growth. Later this spring, this year’s senior class at VUHS will graduate having demonstrated these proficiencies. This is the way of schooling moving forward in the state as supported by legislation and best practice. Multiple and Flexible pathways of learning, a move away from time in a chair, in a row, with a lecture, and moving toward students fluidly demonstrating their knowledge and then meandering along a path toward many successes. 

    Our students are well on their way to demonstrating growth, whether it is in art, poetry, mathematics, writing, reading, problem solving or performance. The paradigm of school is moving from a 19th century model of factory-like schooling to one where students in the same class move at different paces, demonstrate learning in different ways, and do so with the support and guidance of a system of collaborating teachers that support their learning goals and progress.

  Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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