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This week at ACS...   

    Please note the letter from the superintendent regarding the education quality review. This event will occur next Thursday throughout the supervisory union. You may be contacted to provide information or feedback on the Addison Central School. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    School safety is an ongoing concern. One way parents and care givers can help us with safety concerns clothing. Although it seemed that summer was last week, this week and next will be downright late fall. A range of clothing always helps for kids this time of year. Layers and changes, especially for the younger ones, help us to navigate the day that starts with a need for a tuque, at midday a hoodie and a t-shirt by the end of the day. Our weather changes, but keeping up with the changes makes sure the kids are well, healthy and safe.

    This past Wednesday was a district half day. Our teachers engaged in a wide variety of work. Some worked on developing additional technology skills, some attended workshops on writing for understanding, others worked with grade level teams on topics like health curriculum, data analysis and more. These invaluable experiences encourage a dynamic and engaging process to meet students where they are and support them in their growth.

- Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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