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   Teacher appreciation week is next week. I’ve been working in public education for the past fifteen years and prior to that worked in educational and social services for a few years. In that time the role of teacher has been dynamic. It continues to change - a result of legislative action, changes in social expectations of schools and myriad financial situations. The rewards of teaching are omnipresent in the building. They come in wearing smiles, reading books and singing songs.  Please take some time with your kids this weekend to compose something for those in the building with whom your child works. Shoot a video on your phone or write an email. Make a card or draw a picture. Letting teachers know their importance adds value to community. We serve the community and all its students. Please help me in thanking the teachers for all of their work with students.

Please note that May 8 is a school day and not an inservice day.

The Common Core states that students: “Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.” In order for students to engage in argumentative writing, we need to offer opportunities to convey opinions appropriately. One such ongoing issue concerns kickball rules. Many students disagree about kickball rules. We encouraged them to draft their own set of rules for the playground. These types of experiences offer students the chance to talk about equity, discuss why rules exist and most importantly what happens when the rules are not followed. Although we have pared down on our number of expectations, students keep asking for guidance. Taking the time to engage students in this manner supports their metacognition or thinking about their thinking.

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