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This week at ACS...   

    I love to read! Reading and discussing what you read at home is a great way to encourage reading. Children often mimic their parents. Telling your kids that reading is important is one thing. Showing them that reading is important is another. Let your kids know what you like to read. I just read The Revenant and it was a fantastic novel of historical fiction. The Big Short is up next. I cannot wait to start reading it tonight. 

    In the above picture, you will see students dressed for winter. We will hold fast to our expectations of boots, gloves, hats, snow pants and jackets. Students who do not come properly equipped may lose recess. Our goal is to have them get close to a full hour of recess, but need to balance their health and safety. 

    This coming week we will continue to celebrate I Love To Read month with Drop Everything And Read week. We will all - staff and students - be reading for 20-30 uninterrupted minutes per day. This time will allow students to read a book of their choice. Make sure to send in the reading coupons and update those reading logs. Remember too that the annual Scholastic Book Fair is Wednesday evening.

    It is our intention to hold most of our conferences this spring in a single evening. The teaching staff will hold conferences on Tuesday, March 8 from 3:15-8:00. We feel that this will allow you to access your child’s teacher and others with whom your child works. Conferences will run 15 minutes back to back. Teachers other than your child’s classroom teacher may be available to conference this night as well. Please drop into their spaces that evening to check in with them. 

    Teachers will make efforts to coordinate among parents who have multiple students in the building. We recognize too that this will not work for everyone, but wanted to let you know that we intend to hold all conferences within a two week span of March 8. If you cannot make this date or time, please contact your child’s teacher directly. 

Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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