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August 15, 2017

Dear Students and Parents,

I eagerly and joyfully write this letter to share my excitement about the upcoming school year that is quickly approaching! I would also like to welcome all the new families to Addison Central School. So far this summer I have enjoyed bumping into some of you randomly at various places in Vermont and not so randomly for those students that participated in the Fusion program. This summer has been full of many adventures, and it is not over yet! In these closing days of summer vacation I hope that you all are finding time to enjoy the great weather, or not so great weather and striving to learn something new! If you were hoping to bump into me and haven’t, feel free to stop by ACS and say hi!

We at ACS have been doing some great work to get ready for the upcoming school year. One change that will be evident is our implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) for the whole school. Many things will stay the same such as our four school wide expectations which are: Safety, Respect, Responsibility & Growth.  We will just be demonstrating more visibly what those four expectations look like in all areas of our school from the classroom to the bus! We will also be handing out to students  “Eagle dollars” for demonstrating excellence in ACS expectations. These “Eagle dollars” will be collected in the classroom and used to earn class celebrations and eventually school wide celebrations!

My hopes and goals for this upcoming school year are that we continue to come together, as a family, strengthened and unified in the purpose of growing as learners in all that we do, and that we strive to always be positive and persevere through this upcoming school year. We have a great body of people that support our students as they GROW as learners! I and all of ACS look forward to the many smiling faces that will be arriving on the morning of August 30th! See you then!


Travis Park, Principal

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