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This week at ACS...   

    The sixth graders are in the midst of their penultimate communal experience. The students tried weaving, saw colonial settlement houses, checked out a functioning shipyard, tried to land a space shuttle, gave croquet a try, went crabbing at low tide, swam in May ocean water, played some heated games of miniature golf, cruised around in a large yellow taxi and generally enjoyed each others company. So, what’s the learning?

    Something expected casually of schools is that they prepare students for the future. We know some things about the future and our students. We know that they will need to adapt, react positively to novel situations, collaborate with like and unlike colleagues, make mistakes and learn from them. Travel offers these opportunities with a group. The need to rely, support and expect results from one another are expectations we have of colleagues, classmates and friends. This trip permits these students a greater sense of self, a greater sense of others and most importantly, a deeper understanding of the world. 

-Matthew DeBlois

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