The last week at ACS...   

    At step up this week, I gave a short talk entitled first words. Here’s my attempt at last words of the school year. 

    We are saying goodbye, as most of you likely know, to some quality educators who mean a lot to our building. It is not by accident that the end focuses on culture. We wish everyone the best as they transition to new roles and ventures. 

    I wanted to share a few words about the kids who are leaving as well. Although the majority of our students transitioning are sixth graders, some other students are leaving as well. All of these transitioning students will be looking forward to new opportunities. Some will redefine themselves, some will refine themselves, others will find themselves. We all play a role in helping in that process. We offer tidbits of information in both practical, planned ways - the overt curriculum of life. We also inadvertently offer advice through our words and actions - the hidden curriculum of life. Our hope is that the skills and framework that we share provide good modeling moving forward and impact positively the lives of the students and families we serve. 

    We thank you for your efforts to help us get to know your children, work better with your families and become more clear in our communication and goals. Thank you again.

    Traditions are important parts of community. Schools are not immune from the quandary of knowing when eliminating or creating a tradition is a good idea. Balance needs to be sought in terms of knowing when a good conceptual framework will have positive ramifications or negative consequences. “We’ve always done it that way” does not carry much muster with me unless you can tell me why. Needless to say, we here at ACS have tried to create some new traditions this year and think about the why when we tinker with historic traditions. This iterative process allows us to constantly discuss what the goal and outcomes are for our decisions, ideas and system. Let us know if you think we are doing a good job or have ideas to augment successes.

-Matthew DeBlois

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