Addison Central School

First week at ACS...   

    What a fantastic first week of school! We are so fortunate to have such a warm, welcoming community in which to work. 

    A note went home earlier this week about Powerschool. We now manage lunch accounts through Powerschool. Keep your eyes open for tutorials and other information to assist you in monitoring it.

    Blue slips. This year we are trying to track how well we are doing reinforcing positive behaviors. If and when you receive a call from the principal or school counselor, please do not be alarmed. We are trying to reach out more actively to let you know all the things going right at the school. Our aim is to have each child’s family called over the course of the year and for the first six weeks have students referred for positive behavior versus negative behavior at a ratio of 8:1. Our behavioral expectations are respect, responsibility, growth and safety.

    See the school website for a copy of the student handbook, calendars, and more ( 

    Please keep those forms coming in. The packet sent home allows us to have a successful start, to publish pictures of kids, and make certain that kids are responsible for learning through technology. 

    For up to date information, follow ANWSU on twitter @ANWSU_VT, friend them on Facebook and for a closer look inside ACS, follow me @matthewdeblois on twitter.


-Matthew DeBlois

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