"The Superintendent and Directors of the Addison Northwest School District wish to reassure the members of our educational community in these uncertain times. We remain committed to maintaining safe and welcoming schools regardless of race, gender, disability, national origin, documentation, religion, sexual orientation, political orientation, or family income. In addition to compliance with federal law, it is also our moral and ethical duty to protect and to provide an equitable education to all of the students  who pass through the doors of our schools."

Food features prominently in this week’s photos. Harvesting, preparation, consumption and math occurred this week. Our garden continues to provide us with farm to tray options that are hyper local. Our new food collaborative aims to increase the amount of local options, provide choices to students and increase the number of students and staff participating in our meals programs. 

Kindergarten took a trip to the apple orchard this week. Seen here is the overt link between what transpires when thinking creatively about outcomes. Not only did the students get to visit the orchard and pick apples, but the activity was furthered when incorporating scientific investigation and mathematics. How many seeds are in the apple? Simple question, but extension is what ties concepts together. Why and how are just as important as what. 

Myriad opportunities greet students each day. With these come choices. Offering voice and choice engages students. Student engagement increases outcomes for students. Whether it is choice when it comes to a seat on the floor or at a desk - or two square versus foxtail - or pepperoni or veggie - these options demonstrate our respect for students and instill in them that they have responsibility with regard to their education. These core values matter now and in the future. 

Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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