Vergennes Union Elementary School

I went to elementary school in a city not too dissimilar from Vergennes, in what many people around here refer to as an upside down state. We did essentially three things in my family when I was younger. We went to the beach, the baseball field, and the library. I don’t ever recall my parents getting in the lake, but we were there a lot. I also am not sure what got us into baseball, but we played a lot. It was likely the park near our house. I know how we got into library visiting. We were always surrounded by words. We had encyclopedias, magazines, trade publications, novels, baseball cards, newspapers and mail. I still love to get the mail. Same with the paper - I just perused it online, we don’t even get a paper copy of it anymore.


The library to us was a sacred trip. We went at least once a week. Mom and dad are and were voracious readers. My parents just let my brothers and I wander. Sometimes, we got to go by ourselves mostly by bike, other times it was a special trip with one parent. I don’t ever remember not having a library card. 

After we moved when I was younger we came back to visit the place where I grew up from time to time. We almost always went to visit the librarian at our local library. We visited her and her husband like they were members of our family. For all intents and purposes they were. 

It’s national library month. Students visit our school library everyday and have a similar affinity for our school librarian, Ms. Foley. We have a fair amount of students who attempt to sneak into the library. Think about that for a minute. They seek books, conversations, to tinker, and ideas with Ms. Foley. She allows them to see her ideas in action, witness her choices of work, and access texts that take them to real and imagined places. Take a few minutes to talk to your students about books, the library, and other endeavors that generate from the space known as the library. 

I’m currently reading a lot about reflective practices in organizations, organizational strengths, some local news, back issues of Sports Illustrated, and a A Boy Called Bat. Those are the ones I can name off the top of my head. I go through phases of reading with regard to genre. I love reading fiction and theater, but I have been moving toward more non-fiction lately.

Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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