We are trying to focus every two weeks on one of our ROARS expectations. This week and next we are working on respect. We encourage you to chat with your students about what this means at home and at school. One of the ways that students demonstrated respect this week was from Ms. Sansom’s homeroom. They wrote words of encouragement on post-its and spread them throughout the school. They were written by our sixth graders and included the messages, “Never give up” and “Whoever you are, you always matter.” 

Simple gestures and words often convey meaning more effectively than soliloquies and missives (insert tongue into cheek). How we communicate and what we communicate contributes to our climate and culture. We want to ameliorate our methods and practices. We want to reach a wide audience effectively and efficiently. When we greet students in the morning, when we have gestures that are unique to individuals or high five groups, we contribute to our school culture. How we celebrate - whether through a parade, a ROARS classroom game celebration, or a drama assembly - we tip our hands with regard to what is valuable, what is honored and what we find important. This is important work and vital to crafting a culture that celebrates all of what we have. 

It’s book fair week at VUES. One of my favorite times to be a principal. There are students seeking words. It’s not all 19th century novels, but remember that reading is reading is reading is reading. We want to encourage students to find something they like (which is different from what we want them to like). It’s a range from Ook and Gluk to Wonder. It’s fiction or non-fiction. It’s both words and drawings, sometimes it’s students making their own books. Regardless, it’s a book and we’re excited that they want them. It is definitely something to celebrate. 

A reminder that Walk and Roll is the first Wednesday of every month this year. The buses will drop students off in the morning at the Parish Hall and all that are able are encouraged to walk and roll (this day and every). 

Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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