Well, spring break is upon us and I’m still wearing my winter hat and gloves. My tolerance for the tomfoolery of perpetual winter dwindles toward the tipping point of ridicule. I look forward to contemplating length of sleeve rather than number of layers. I know that many of you feel similarly. Know that I share your frustrations. 

The ANWSD Art Festival was a success. All of our students had at least one chance to go over and see work completed by themselves, their peers in other buildings, and to chat with a couple of artists and see them at their craft. It was heartwarming to walk around the high school gym and see kids engaged in the appreciation of the arts, to hear the chorus sing and band play as a group of 5-8 graders. I had the opportunity to sit with my son and his friend, who are in ninth and tenth grades respectively. I mentioned that if one flashed forward four years that this would be the high school band and chorus. They agreed that it was a strong and representative body of the four schools.

There has been some help with the fresh fruit and vegetable grant this year from students. The five pictured here arrive early and help to prepare and distribute this grant funded opportunity. Thanks so much for helping out and making sure that this endeavor is a success. If you see them pushing their cart of tangelos or kumquat about the school in the morning, please thank them for their service. 

Thank you to those who assisted Ms. Pettibon transporting art back and forth and personing the blocks. 

Please recall that we are on break next week, April 23-27, it is our spring break. We hope that it more closely resembles spring than what we have seen to this point, so that we can all get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Thundercare will be operating that week in the building.  

  - Matthew DeBlois, Principal

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