Our top 10 movie villains ever

A list of the best movie villains is probably as subjective as you can get. Only one thing we know with absolute certainty: Anton Chigurh tops the list. After that, it’s up for debate. 

Any discussion about the best of anything often deteriorates into a tiff about ground rules. We don’t have any ground rules. We just call 'em as we see 'em. Yes, our list is skewed towards recent movies. We like it that way. Read more

Anton Chigurh interview

"Most games were underground. You constantly had to keep from getting cheated and when you caught someone, it could get ugly pretty quickly. Then when you won, you still had to actually collect the money. All the while looking over your shoulder to stay out of jail. And, of course, there was always the threat of getting hijacked. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been robbed at gunpoint. One time guys with ski masks bust open the door of our game on Exchange Street and before I knew it, a guy stuck a knife in my neck right here. [Points to a nasty scar.] That was a close call. It was an extremely violent environment. So it wasn’t as big a step as you might think." Read more 

No Country Premake 

Who would have played Chigurh if No Country for Old Men was not only set in 1980 but also shot in 1980? Our vote goes to Oliver Reed. 

Known for his burly physique, Reed also has the piercing blue eyes that Javier Bardem lacks. As far as Chigurh's appearance goes, there isn't a whole lot to go on in the book but the one thing Cormac McCarthy clearly describes are his eyes: "Blue as lapis. At once glistening and opaque. Like wet stones." The Coen brothers are on record saying this was a rare instance where they strayed from the book. 

Quite the colorful character himself, Reed once needed dozens of stitches after a bar fight, leaving his face distinctly scarred. Not a bad look for Chigurh. But what qualifies Reed more than anything else is his stare. Read more