How Is the Critical Skills Institute Experience Different?

Let's not be coy.
 We all know that most people think of Professional Learning like this:

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And that's not what we do.  (Really!Participants love it, and the number of Institutes and participants is growing by leaps and bounds because teachers, students and administers find that it works.  What they (and we) love most is that the Critical Skills Institute can be customized to meet your schedule and needs, and that the institute is always customized by the people participating in it.  This isn't a one-size -fits all approach to professional learning, trust us.

We currently do Critical Skills courses and workshops over 5 or 3/3-days over a summer, a semester or year.  Schools typically arrange for school-based coaching either monthly, bi-weekly, or on a customized schedule. We offer online support for instruction and coaching (using Skype, Twitter, Google Docs, and Canvas) and we're open to new ideas when schools present them.