The Critical Skills Program

The Critical Skills Classroom is a great big backpack, holding all that theoretical"stuff" we're supposed to be doing, like:

In it, students are actively engaged in solving meaningful problems- but it's more than just problem-based learning.   It intentionally targets the skills and dispositions that people need to be successful after they leave school.  It's experiential.  It's collaborative. It's the hardest work that students and teachers ever love doing because they create and they explore...and they have a lot of fun.

The Critical Skills & Fundamental Dispositions 

˛ problem solving

˛ decision making

˛ critical thinking

˛ creative thinking 

˛ communication

˛ organization

˛ collaboration

˛ leadership 

˛ ownership 

˛ self-direction

˛ quality work

˛ ethical character

˛ curiosity and wonder

˛ community 

Looking for a PowerPoint?  Just LOVE a good slide show?  Look- in the attachments!  There's a PowerPoint JUST FOR YOU!!!!


Laura Thomas,
Feb 16, 2012, 11:07 AM