Marzens, France

PSY 525FR Integration of Buddhism, 3 quarter units 
What Past Participants Have Said About Marzens, France:
  • My time at the institute provided for the first time an inner vision into my inner psyche that allowed me to experience moments of deep peace. Most importantly I discovered a profound love of life through the lens of a camera This trip was extremely in-depth, meaningful and transformative I think it would be hard to come here and not be affected by it. My experience at the institute will always be cherished in my heart. 
  • Words cannot express how amazing it was to have an opportunity to travel to the Vahra Yogini Institute to study the integration of Buddhism and Psychology. The Institute is a rare gem that embodies every aspect of Buddhism, especially "compassion and loving kindness". The fact that the Institute was in France catapulted the experience to a whole new level, forcing all of us to be "out of our element" and brought "mindfulness" to the forefront of our minds. This trip was life-changing. 

Confirmed 2018 Dates
  • Tuesday, June 19 - Thursday, June 28, 2018
  • Important: June 19 is an arrival day with the first elements of the program beginning that evening after dinner. Thursday June 28 is the departure date. No course activity will occur on that date. 
  • We will do everything possible to hold to these dates, but please understand that there may be emergency circumstances that would require they be changed. 
2018 Costs 
  • In addition to regular tuition, there is a course fee of $1,360 which includes multiple occupancy lodging and all meals at the Institut, some tours, instruction and administrative costs. Note: this does not cover airfare. 
  • AIRFARE: Students will purchase their own air tickets. Airfare is NOT included in this course fee. For planning purposes, we estimate airfare, incidental expenses and non-Institut meals to be approximately $2,200. This amount could increase or decrease depending upon fuel surcharges, taxes and currency exchange rates. 
  • OPTIONAL: Participants may choose to extend their trip with an optional 2 days of self-directed exploration of France. For planning purposes, we recommend budgeting an additional $500 for this trip extension. An early arrival/extended stay at the Institut may be part of this option, and costs around 30 Euro (about $42) for each additional day, which includes 3 meals in addition to a room. 
Can I use financial aid? 
  • If you are utilizing Grad Plus loans, your award can be increased to cover  both the course fee, airfare, incidental, and exploration costs. Please check with the financial aid office at your campus for details.
Travel Information 
  • Please make sure you have a current passport in order to travel to France.
  • A Note On Arrival Times At The Institut: In prior years airline schedules have had flights arriving in Toulouse (the nearest international airport) well into the evening. If you find this to be so, you might consider arriving on Wednesday and checking in a day early. 
  • IP EXTENSION: participants have an option to add on an additional 2 days of self-directed exploration of France

  • Participants will stay at the Institut Vajra Yogini in Lavaur, just outside of Toulouse, France ( Accommodations are modest but comfortable; as is typical in Western Europe there are no in-room bathrooms (there is a communal bathroom in the hall). The price is based on a shared room with one or two people, but it may be possible to pay extra for a single room. If you are traveling with a family member, please let Dr. Joy Turek know so you can be assigned a room together.
  • All meals at the Institut are included. Meals are vegetarian. If you require diet accommodations, please let Dr. Joy Turek know. 

What's the course schedule?
  • Our days at the Institut will explore Classical Mindfulness, Tibetan and Theravadan Buddhism, psychotherapy, and human diversity. Discussions will examine how mindfulness practice promotes a non-dualism that can enhance all aspects of personal and professional identity. The course promotes personal and academic growth independently of the level of knowledge of mindfulness practice. On the evening of Wednesday, June 21, the group will visit the nearby village of Lavaur to participate in the Fête de la Musique ( Scroll down to see a tentative daily schedule.
What to (not) pack?
  • Take a look at the Weather Forecast: 
  • The Institut takes their commitment to nonviolence very seriously and staff do not kill anything. Though by no means infested, mosquitos and other biting insects are present. Bringing an effective insect repellant is advised. You might consider bringing some of the increasing number of insect repellant clothing that is on the market.
  • Over the last couple of years, we have experienced unusual heat. The institute does not have airconditioning or fans. You should consider bringing a portable mister and a small personal electrical fan if you think the head may bother you. 
How and when do I register for this course? 
  • If you are a current AULA student: please register for PSY 5250FR during Spring 2017 quarter via AUView
  • If you attend a different AU Campus: In order to sign up, first speak to your advisor or department chair to see how the course can fit into your overall program.Then talk to the financial aid person on your campus and/or Becky Santillan, financial aid person at AULA. You will also need to fill out an inter campus registration form there and email it to Dr. Joy Turek. Some other forms will follow but this one should be completed when you register for the course.
  • If you are an alum: please email Dr. Joy Turek for more information
  • If you are faculty: please email Dr. Joy Turek for more information
What a typical day looks like:

PLANNING ANTIOCH 2018 updated June 12.xlsx