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Mail Migration

 Migration from First Class is happening via the Project team and a backend mail mover.  Your mailbox will be moved over according to a schedule published by the project team.   Please clean up your mailboxes before the migration to ensure a smooth and fast process.

Note that First Class does have some limitations, so there may be some messages that do not migrate.  You will need to send those to yourself in GMail (from First Class) to keep them.

Calendar Migration

 Migration for Calendars from First Class is a semi-automated process. 

You will first need to export the First Class calendar into a .ICS file. 

Since First Class does not generate an industry-standard file that Google can consume, we have created a utility here to allow you to translate the First Class ICS file into something Google understands. 

Once you have created the file, you can use the Google import functions to import the calendar into GCal.

A full migration Guide is available here to walk you through the process.

Personal Contacts Migration

 Migration of Personal Contacts is a self-service model.  You will export your contacts from First Class into a .CSV file and then import them into Google using the Google import utility.

This is described in the Personal Contacts Migration Guide.