The Undergraduate Studies (UGS) Internship Program gives students the opportunity to learn in the real world and earn academic units that satisfy their non-classroom learning requirement.

Internships follow our quarterly calendar, so these are 10 week placements in an organization from our list or from students' choice, and depending on weekly hour load, students  may earn between 2 and 4 units for each internship they do.

Internship preparation with internship staff assistance starts during week 6 of the quarter before intended internship. Steps to prepare include a mandatory new intern one on one appointment, site placement, online paperwork development, gathering signatures, and submitting approved paperwork to the Registrar's Office.  Because each of those steps involves a coordinated effort between student, internship office,  internship sites, academic advisors, internship evaluators, and the Registrar's Office, preparation for new internships must begin at least 6 weeks before the intended internship quarter begins.

May 31, 2017 is the last date the internship office will approve Summer internship paperwork that has already been created in the previous weeks by the student under internship staff supervision.   The descriptions of internships opportunities for the Summer quarter are posted below.

Contact the internship office at:

For information about TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIPS, which DO NOT REQUIRE SUPPORT/APPROVAL from Internship Office, please see below link.

Rosa Garza-Mourino,
May 7, 2017, 7:51 PM