Play Times & Etiquette

  1. Always help with setup and cleanup (poles, nets & shuttles)
  2. Take care of Nets, Shuttles and Racquets - they last longer.
  3. Walk around the court to avoid injuries when play is going on.
  4. Applaud & cheer good shots for both sides during a game.
  5. Make sure everyone gets to play. Take turns on the courts.
  6. Always practice good sportsmanship.  It’s not whether you win or lose but how much fun you have playing the game.

Play Times


Saint Andrew Junior School

6-7:30 PM        Junior Development - TRY LEARN & PLAY

7:30 -9:30 PM  ALL Members & ADULT TRY LEARN & PLAY


Antigonish Education Centre

3-5 PM       Junior Training Centre   (Junior Competitive Team Only)


Dr. J.H. Gillis High School

8-10 PM     ALL Members 


Dr. J.H. Gillis High School

1-4 PM       Families & ALL Members