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Board Members for 2013 - 2014
  • President/Assistant Coach: Robert Proctor (902) 863-8242 admin@antigonishbadminton.ca
  • Vice-President/Secretary: Stephen Jewkes
  • Treasurer: Steve Hayne
  • Head Coach: Bob Rogers
  • Assistant Coach/School Liaison: Brad Puskas
  • Assistant Coach: Gerard MacDougall
  • Junior Coordinator: Janine Swales
  • School Liaison: Brian Boudreau
  • Junior Rep(s): Renee Proctor, Courtney MacDonlald, Creighton Jewkes
  • StFX Rep(s): Wyatt Kirkby

Please see attached file below for the current Bylaws of the Antigonish Badminton Association

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Robert Proctor admin@antigonishbadminton.ca
Stephen Jewkes members@antigonishbadminton.ca

We are pleased to be a member of Badminton Nova Scotia and involved in supporting its Mission, Values and Vision

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  • Our vision is to make badminton the sport of choice among all Nova Scotians.
  • In fulfilling this mandate, BNS aspires to be a leader in sport development and exemplar of the highest social and personal values of sport.
  • BNS is a dynamic organization, which provides quality, player-centered development services.
  • Our organization strives to achieve excellence through trusting partnerships in an environment of fairness, integrity and respect, which values all participants.
  • Badminton will achieve a level of prominent visibility in Nova Scotia.
  • Provincial competitions will be popular and well attended.
  • The vision of the BNS is that people in Nova Scotia experience and enjoy the benefits of badminton.
  • BNS values the contributions of volunteers who are involved.
  • BNS advocates clearly defined and protected fundamental rights and responsibilities of participants in a “harassment free environment”, at all levels of the sport.

Badminton Canada has developed a valuable resource for overall development of Badminton in Canada called Badminton for Life. See attached file below or click here to open in a new window "Badminton for Life - Badminton Canada
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