Panel Organizer FAQs

We hope this information helps! If this FAQ hasn’t answered all of your questions, please feel free to write us at

Can I present on more than one seminar?

No. You may only present on one seminar.

Can I chair one seminar, and present on another?

No. Allowing for anyone to participate in more than one seminar might make scheduling impossible.

I am not a member of the Anticus Multicultural Association. Can I submit my proposal?

Anticus Multicultural Association membership is NOT required for you to submit a seminar proposal.

How many papers do I need for my seminar?

That depends. Seminars can run for either two or three days, depending on how many strong papers you get. The target is 8 papers for a two-day seminar, and 12 for a three-day seminar, but we have some flexibility on those numbers. A two-day seminar could have between 6-9 papers; a three-day seminar between 10 and 13. This allows for 15-20 minute presentations (shorter if you have 5 papers a day, the maximum we allow), with plenty of time for discussion.

Help! I don’t have nearly enough papers yet!

Don’t panic, usually more than half of all papers will arrive on the final day. So the number of papers you have now doesn’t reflect at all the number you will get. If you are still worried about having a low number of submissions, here are some things you can do:

  • Advertise. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are a great way to get people interested in your seminar.
  • Invite scholars. Most successful seminars are a mix of invited papers and blind submissions, so if you know of scholars whose work you’d like to see as part of your seminar, write to them directly.
  • Consider merging. You may want to consider a merger with another seminar (keeping in mind that over ½ of submissions may come in on the final day of submissions). To review a list of other seminars submitted, take a look at our master seminar list. If you find a seminar with overlapping interests, write the organizers of that seminar and propose a merger. If they agree, get in touch with us at Ideally, we’d like to see mergers happen before October 31st, though we can consider them in the week of November 1-7 also.
  • And one thing not to do: Don’t accept papers you’re not happy with. Accepting paper proposals of poor quality tends to lead to unsatisfying seminars. Keep working on steps a-c, and sure you’ll find some great papers.

Help! I have too many excellent proposals!

Well-crafted seminar proposals on topics that are currently popular can easily attract more proposals. If you’re getting more than enough papers for one full seminar, you can consider splitting your seminar into two (or three or even more as appropriate). Don’t feel you have to accept papers you’re not happy with in order to split the seminar, but if you have lots of strong seminars, you should feel free to explore a split. You’ll need to find new organizers for the split-off seminar(s). Contact us at if you’re exploring this option.

PLEASE NOTE: Bear in mind that there is no guarantee that either or both split sessions will be accepted by our selections committee. Think carefully about the strength and coherence of the papers in any seminar you create.

I’ve invited some people to participate in my seminar. How do I get their papers entered into the system?

They’ll need to submit their own papers by October 31st, just the same as everyone else. This actually saves you work, and reduces the chance of error.

Can I present in my own seminar?

Yes! (You don’t have to, if you don’t want to, though). If you do plan to present a paper in your own seminar, remember that you must submit a paper proposal through the system just like everyone else.

What if I’ve worked hard to write a great seminar proposal, have collected a bunch of great papers, and then my seminar gets rejected? Will I still have the chance to submit a paper to another seminar after December 1st?

No. Seminar submissions at this date are final, but up until December 1st you will have opportunities to consider merging with another seminar, canceling your seminar, etc.

Someone dropped out of my seminar after December 1st. May I replace them?

No. Once our committee has reviewed each seminar application and the papers contained in it, there will no longer be any possibility to add other papers to your seminar.

What constraints are there on my seminar’s makeup?

No seminar may have more than two participants from the same institution. All seminars should aim at a balance of scholars at different stages of the profession, including having up to, but no more than, 50% participation by graduate students. The selection committee will review both of these factors when deciding on a whether a seminar will be included or not.