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Mongol WebQuest


You may have hear about Genghis Khan, the Forbidden City, the Taj Mahal, or Xanadu. These are all related to the Mongols. Your job will be to learn about their culture and their effect on other cultures. They were the most powerful army of their time and no country could defeat them. The Mongols controlled the largest land empire in human history.

The Task

Answer the following Essential Questions:

* What areas did they conquer?
* What was the impact of the Mongols in the areas they conquered?

Group Organization:

* Students form teams of anthropologists/researchers (see The Process section below).
* Each team member should divide up their duties, as defined in the "Process" section.

Student Activities:

Each team must include the following THREE parts:
    1. Maps
    2. Biographies and Pictures
    3. Answers to the 10 Key Questions

The Process

Students work in teams of 2.

All team members work on completing the biographies, gathering of maps, and completing the questions, and the completion of the final document.

    1. Four, one paragraph biographies, on four different famous Mongols.
    2. Pictures or Drawings of the four famous Mongols.
    3. Maps of the four famous Mongols conquests, and a map of the four Khanates (kingdoms). Thus, five maps total.
    4. Complete answers to the 10 Key Questions below in complete sentences.

    1. How did geography contribute to the success of the Mongols?
    2. What was the nature of the military organization established by Genghis Khan?
    3. What forces led to the rise of the Mongols?
    4. How were a nomadic people able to conquer more advanced civilizations?
    5. What was the impact of the Mongol conquest of Russia and the Islamic heartlands?
    6. Why was the Mongol defeat in Japan significant?
    7. What was the impact of the Mongol conquest on Chinese society and political structure?
    8. What were the positive aspects of the Mongol conquest?
    9. What forces led to the fall of the Mongols?
    10. How did the Mongols impact the building of the Great Wall of China?

Please note: You need to use Google Documents to put your Final Document together. If you do not know how to attach pictures to a Google Document, or if you have difficulty doing so, you may print your pictures and maps separately from your biographies and the answers to the ten questions. Since this is a group project, you need to Share the final document with your partner so as you both may edit the document from home.


A. Print Resources:
    Your Textbook: World History: Ancient through Early Modern Times
    The Public Library

B. Internet Links to Use:

Media Center Resources from the AW webpage

Mongol Film from Introduction Lesson

Mongols Invasion of China

Biography: Genghis Khan

Biography: Kublai Khan

Biography: Genghis Khan

Scroll down to History-good info

Mongolian Peace- Positive Aspects

Lots of Maps and Family Trees

Genghis Khan Information-Nomad Information

Mongols and China

Map of the Mongol Empire

Ten Famous Mongolians


Students will be evaluated according to the following:
    * Group Grade for the Final Document
    * Individual Grade based off of the Group Member Evaluation
    * Final Assessment- Mongol Unit Test

The Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed the fun, yet challenging, project about Ancient Mongolia. This project also hopefully taught you how to apply the knowledge you have gained from your language arts class as well as expanded your knowledge of history. You should now have an understanding of how the Mongol Empire became the largest continuous land empire the world has ever seen.

adapted from Mr. Stanton's AP class WebQuest