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Daily Planner
February 27, 2015

Splashdown Data Analysis - See science links for data.

 Egg Drop Splash- Starts February 25th

Big splash + no death = great grade!

May the force be with you…

·        Groups of 2 = 2 eggs (5 points per egg)

·        5lb weight limit for shuttle

·        30 cm X 30 cm X 30 cm or less

·        No food products

·        Biggest water displacement (10 points) 5cm = 10, 4cm = 8, 3cm = 6, 2cm= 4, 1cm= 2, 0cm = 0 points.

·        Can’t sink

·        Building will take place on Wednesday (Thursday 10 minutes with egg)

8th Grade homework link:Homework Link

Current Events are due Day A.

Last day to submit Rube Goldberg Extra Credit for Quarter 3 is March 13.

Current Unit Standards

Unit #4 – Speed, Motion, Forces
Force and Motion Standard 1: The student understands
that types of motion may be described, measured, and

a. Knows that the motion of an
object can be described by its position,
direction of motion, and speed.

Year Long Unit Plan

Current Unit Planner is at the bottom of the page in a pdf.

Unit #1 – What is Science? Standards and Measurements

Unit #2 – Types and States of Matter

            (Atoms, Periodic Table and Radioactivity)

Unit #3 – Interaction of Matter

Unit #4 – Speed, Motion, Forces

Unit #5Energy, Work and Machines

Unit #6Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves (Sound/Light)

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