Welcome to 8th Grade Physical Science! - Mr. Sterk

Daily Planner
April 23-30, 2015

  Boat construction April 23-30!

Important Dates:     

April 23  first build day (bring materials) – start construction


April 24  second build day (bring boat parts) – continue construction


April 27  third build day (bring boat parts) - continue construction


April 28  fourth build day (bring boat parts) –construction/testing


April 29  Final build day (bring boat) – Finalize adjustments/testing


April 30  Poster work day (poster due at end of period)


Testing/Presentation Dates:                       

May 4th and 5th  – Testing date for all periods (boat due on the 4th at beginning of class)

Science Fair Project - See Science Links for Guidelines

Use EDP for planning:

Engineering Design Process


 What is the problem?

 What have others done?

 What are the constraints?


 What are some solutions?

 Brainstorm ideas.

 Choose the best one.


 Draw a diagram.

 Make lists of materials you will need.


 Follow your plan and create it.

 Test it out!


 Talk about what works, what doesn't, and what could work better.

 Modify your design to make it better.

 Test it out!

How to calculate potential and kinetic energy:

If you are gone, check out this video:


8th Grade homework link:Homework Link

Current Events are due Day A.

Last day to submit Rube Goldberg Extra Credit for Quarter 4 is May 29.  It can be electronic (must include Mr. Sterk, and your period).

Current Unit Standards

Unit #5Energy, Work and Machines

Students will understand that the motion of an object is effected by external forces on it.

Year Long Unit Plan

Unit #1 – What is Science? Standards and Measurements

Unit #2 – Types and States of Matter

            (Atoms, Periodic Table and Radioactivity)

Unit #3 – Interaction of Matter

Unit #4 – Speed, Motion, Forces

Unit #5Energy, Work and Machines

Unit #6Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves (Sound/Light)