Dear First Grade Parents,

Welcome to the first grade! Our names are Mr. Jason Kittles (1-A), Mrs. Valerie Wheelock (1-B), Mrs. Tamara Quandt (1-C), and Mrs. Karen Genet (1-D). We are the first grade teachers this year. This year will be a fantastic year filled with lots of learning, fun, and hard work. We will be teaching all subjects except for Spanish (Mrs. Maria Jose & Mr. Juan Bautista), Technology (Ms. Yeimi Gaitan), Art (Ms. Elsie Fiallos), Music (Mr. Denis Aguirrre), and P.E. (Ms. Graciela Silva). We are looking forward to getting to know your child through the course of the school year. 

The 2016-2017 school year promises to be very exciting for our first graders. This year your child will learn to read fluently in both English and Spanish.  In mathematics, students will learn up to two-digit addition and subtraction by regrouping and non-regrouping. They will also be introduced to number bonds, numbers up to 120, and writing the number words . In science we will be following the scientific method to learn about topics such as the weather, natural resources, and our five senses.  In social studies we will be learning about topics such as classroom rules, communities, and exploring our world.  With such a busy schedule and so much to learn, it is important that that students arrive on time and ready for the day.  

The first grade team will be updating the website weekly in order to keep you informed of our classroom activities. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.  We can be reached after school, via email: Mrs. Valerie Wheelock(vwheelock@ans.edu.ni); Mrs.Tamara (tquandt@ans.edu.ni) Mr. Kittles (jkittles@ans.edu.ni) or Mrs Karen Genet (kgenet@ans.edu.ni) ; or you may make an appointment through the Elementary office. ( 2252-7321)

Here are a few reminders to help your child have a safe and easy transition into first grade

Homework Daily homework completion is very important.  To start off the year, we encourage you to read with your child for at least 10 minutes daily.  This should be a nice comfortable time spent together reading and sharing.  Daily homework will be given, starting the second week of school.  It may include reading, math, or spelling.  Homework should not take more than 25 minutes.

Lunch The first grade students can only purchase items from the Elementary Hungry Tiger Stand.  The Hungry Tiger offers a number of food & drink items.   Students may also bring a lunch from home rather than purchase food items at school.  Students should bring a bottle of water to school everyday to keep in class.

Snack Your child will need a healthy snack each day for the afternoon break.  You may include an extra few little things in case they get hungry during the day during the first few weeks.  It’s hard to adjust to such a rigid eating schedule after such a fun summer!

 P.E. P.E. days are different for each first grade class.  Please check your child’s teacher’s schedule.  On these days, students must wear the school P.E. uniform (green gym shorts and P.E. t-shirt).  Don’t forget sneakers on these days.  Your homeroom teacher will notify you when swimming begins.  During swimming weeks, please be sure to send a bag with all of the required items, or your child will not be able to participate.  Check the Athletic Department website for more information & the schedule for swimming / P.E. classes: (http://www.ans.edu.ni/Departments/Athletics/index.html

  • 1-A (Mr. Kittles): Tuesday & Friday
  • 1-B (Mrs. Wheelock): Monday & Wednesday
  • 1-C (Mrs. Quandt): Tuesday & Thursday
  • 1-D (Mrs. Genet): Monday & Wednesday

First grade is a year filled with growth and sometimes can be a challenging transition for the little ones.  Make sure they get plenty of rest and lots of hugs and kisses when they get home! Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward in working with you throughout the year.

With warm regards,

The First Grade Team