Building on the Best

Welcome to Ann Arbor Academy's home site for information and updates on our Building Campaign!
We are raising funds for a new home in order to enhance
our school program and allow us to offer an excellent education to students in more grade levels, and we are excited to have the opportunity to engage our families, alumni, and community members in this time of growth and change for our school. 

In January, 2014, two things happened:  We reached full student capacity for the first time, and we found out our current building was for sale. The need to grow was already apparent, and there is no way to do that in our current location, but the building being for sale gave us a timeline for completion of our Building Campaign.  We hope to move to a new location in Summer, 2014, although we are able to stay in our new building for another year or two if need be.

We intend to remain in Ann Arbor, and are currently in negotiations to purchase and receive zoning approval for the building at 1153 Oak Valley Drive, which will allow us to enhance the program offerings we already have through an improved building infrastructure, more space for specific academic and artistic disciplines, and a playground and playing fields for our students.  This will also allow us to expand our curriculum to include grades K - 3, and to enhance the Thirteenth Year Program we already offer.

We have two fundraising goals; short-term, we are trying to raise $300,000 for the down payment and renovations on the new building, and long-term, $1.28 million in order to complete the purchase before the end of our land contract term, so that we do not have to finance the balance.  To that end, we have prepared two documents to educate people on who we are, what we do, and why this
extraordinary school should be supported.

One is our trifold brochure and the other is a Building Campaign presentation, and I encourage you to take a look at both of them, and to donate to Ann Arbor Academy.  We are, and have been since 1998, Building on the Best.

Thank you in advance for your help and support!


(updated 4/24/14)

eredith Schindler, MS
Executive Director
Ann Arbor Academy