Chatan Medical Center (CMC)
Chatan Medical Center
  1. We offer your pets the best medical attention 24/7, of highest standard of veterinary care with open, kindness, compassion and integrity.
  2. We provide fully detailed consultation on the treatment your pet is receiving.
  3. Our service is to best serve you and your pets to your satisfaction.
  4. We respect your, as a pet’s owner, opinion and try to meet your concerns.

Animal Hospital 22 Chatan Medical Center (CMC)
Animal Hospital 22 Chatan/Kadena branch, Chatan Medical Center (the “CMC”) is open 365 days and 24 hours for emergency care.  For an emergency during 22:00 ~ 09:00, please call 090-9786-8822 (EMERGENCY INQUIRIES ONLY).

■Open till 22:00

Animal Hospital 22 is open until 22:00 for regular outpatient visitors to accommodate pet owners who have work during the days. 

■Interpreter Available
Animal Hospital 22 is equipped with English-speaking staff who can assist non-Japanese visitors.

Outpatient hours:

Everyday, 7 days a week, 09:00〜13:00, and 16:00〜22:00.


*Food and medicine available from 14:00. Outpatient admission from 16:00.

Animal Hospital 22 

Chatan Medical Center(CMC)
c/o Vet's Park
459-4 Ihei, Chatan-cho,Nakagami-gun, Okinawa

            Out Kadena Gate 2, take a right onto route 23, head westbound towards route 58. About a mile ahead, turn around at Eagle Lodge (Indian restaurant "TAJ") to detour center median. Animal Hospital 22 Chatan Medical Center is a part of VET'S PARK located right next to Eagle Lodge. Chatan Medical Center offers competitive rates, and is open everyday until 10:00PM, except for hours from 1PM - 4PM. English translators available. 24-hour emergency service is available (additional after-hour charge for night emergencies after 10:00PM).

            Animal Hospital 22 Chatan Medical Center