Greetings from Mrs. Tatlock, School/Guidance Counselor! 2018-2019 School Year

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Dear MCS Parents, Guardians and Students,

My goal as the school counselor is to help every student to be successful in every way-academically, personally and socially. To promote positive climate, MCS continues in the 2nd year as a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) school...and all staff will continue to acknowledge students being "pawsome" by showing our

4 PAWS school rules: Positive Attitude; Act Respectfully; Work Hard; Safe Choices

All students in grades K-6 will have weekly classroom guidance throughout the school year. We will cover a variety of topics, including working cooperatively as a group, understanding and appropriately expressing feelings, as well as skills around bullying and personal safety. Occasionally throughout the year I will be sending home some information about what we are learning in class.

The curricula we will be using this year include: Second Step (Social Emotional Learning) ( in all grades to build our knowledge of social skills and problem solving. In addition, MCS students will learn about Kelso's Choices (, an effective problem solving curriculum for use at both home and school. Kelso has 9 ideas for solving small problems and teaches students to get an adult for a BIG (scary or dangerous) problem. We will also be using a wonderful research based curriculum called MindUp! ( as well as the Zones of Regulation concepts (Self Regulation/Emotion Management).

In addition to weekly guidance, I will also be providing small groups on specific topics throughout the school year. Some of these groups will include friendship, family support through changes, worry/stress, anger management/emotion regulation, “lunch bunch”. WIN (What I Need) and other specific topics as needed. I am also available to check in with children for individual counseling support at any time when they may need some extra help, and for parent meetings as needed.

This school year we will expand our PBIS program to include "Check In Check Out" (PBIS Tier 2-Targeted) for students that may need an extra support on a positive goal. We have the "Lion's Den" with our fearless leader, Ms. Cota to help lead daily check ins and check outs with those students. I am the Coordinator for PBIS Tier 2. For more information on Tier 2 PBIS, go to

I am also the Monkton Mentors Program Coordinator. This program is offered to Monkton students in grades K-6 and provides them with a carefully screened and trained adult mentor from the community to meet once weekly for lunch and recess time. "Mentoring Matches" play games, do crafts, go for walks and generally just enjoy the individual time and attention together. Please ask me more about this wonderful program for your child.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about our classes, small groups or individual support.

Carolyn M. Tatlock, M.S.

Monkton Central School Counselor (Tuesday-Friday)

(802) 453-2314 x3019 or

Classroom Guidance Schedule 2018-2019

*Each grade level will have classroom guidance in their classrooms this year and will have about 6-8 classes in the Fall and 6-8 classes in the winter/spring months.