Welcome to Math at MCS!

My name is Violet Nichols, I am the math instructional coach at Monkton Central School. This year I look forward to working together to strengthen mathematical knowledge, encourage the exploration of mathematical concepts, and decrease the boredom and anxiety sometimes associated with math in the past! So here’s to a year of mathematical confidence, enjoyment and game playing!

What can I do at home?

Play math games nightly. Just as we read to increase fluency in ELA, we can increase mathematical automaticity through daily experience with numbers. Games and apps are a great way to do this. I challenge all students and families to practice math the same number of minutes as ELA each night!



-Free math apps:

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-Resources and support for families:


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Happy mathing (if you will) to you and yours!

Kind regards,

Violet S. Nichols, M.Ed.

Math Instructional Coach