Let's Begin

This site is best used with access to an iPad. 

An iPad is a universally designed device that enables users to access and display information in flexible and imaginative ways.  Using an iPad is more natural than a laptop or computer workstation.  It invites the user to explore many options in accomplishing a given task.  While far from perfect, this device has the potential to move us closer to that long sought goal of having the technology use take a back seat to the purpose of the individual user. Loading and running applications is fairly easy and doesn't have nearly the impact of software loaded onto a laptop/desktop.  

This site is divided into 5 sections: 

  • The first section offers an introduction into Universal Design for Learning as a background into understanding why an iPad is such a valuable tool. 
  • The second is an introduction and overview of the device. 
  • The third offers a glimpse into the "apps store" and explains some of its best features. 
  • The fourth is a collection of resources that provide good information on the best applications and uses of the iPad. Please enjoy this site and leave comments and questions if you wish.
  • Another page has information for Mt. Abe teachers who sign out the iPad cart.