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February 6

Community Council

February 6, 2012

Meeting brought to order at 2:56 pm.

Frisbee Golf Proposal

Presented by Paul Stetson

General Discussion

  • What would the estimated cost be for this project? It would use some recycled materials, but some tubes, chains, and cement may have to be bought.

  • Is there any grant money for this? We won’t know until March, which will be after this is voted on?

  • Do students on the Council think that it will be used outside of PE classes and advisories? Yes.

  • Do you think this course should go through the woods (like Sugarbush?) No, it would make the course too difficult and we would have to worry more about vandalism.

  • When will this be built? Hopefully, it will be installed in May.

  • Called to question by Izzy Moody. Seconded by Hayley Slayton.

  • Vote to end discussion:

    • Approve: 14

    • Against: 0

    • Abstain: 0

  • Vote on Proposal:

    • Approve: 14

    • Against: 0

    • Abstain 0

Meet the Superintendent Candidates

There is a meeting to meet the candidates for the superintendent position next Monday at 7:00 pm, at Mount Abraham in the cafeteria.

Meeting adjourned at 3:07 pm.

At the next meeting, we will be discussing:

Volleyball Club Proposal

Extracurricular Proposal

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Mar 18, 2012, 12:41 PM
Community Council MAUHS,
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